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Shamanic Drumming Circle

Region: Northwest
Location: Portland, Oregon


Join Karyn Armstrong and Kristi Vaughn the first Tuesday of every month for a drumming circle that focuses on the practice of shamanism. Journey skills required. Sliding scale fee $5 to $20.

This drumming circle is to support our shamanic growth, and not to actually teach the basic journey process. All participants must have completed training in the basic core shamanic journeying process as taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN, or equivalent training by another teacher. If you have not received this training and are interested we can provide you with information on classes, teachers, or provide private instruction.


* February 5, 2008
* March 4, 2008
* April 1, 2008
* May 6, 2008
* June 3, 2008
* July 1, 2008
* August 5, 2008
* September2, 2008
* October 7, 2008
* November 4, 2008
* December 2, 2008

Held at Body Mind and Spirit 6491 SW Capitol Highway, Portland, Oregon 97239.

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