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Crossroads of POWER learning to trust your own wisdom

Crossroads of POWER learning to trust your own wisdombyLynn V Andrews

THE WORLD IS AWAKENING; it truly is. The energy of evil and disharmony that exists today is a reflection of the awakening of spirit within us. The imbalance between the male and female aspects of ourselves is mirrored in today’s events. When looking at this from a positive point of view, we can
celebrate the awakening of our spirit from within and the work that we are all doing today in the spiritual realms; all of us are part of this awakening! We are making a difference. Today’s age of
new thought and mindfulness is based on shamanic principals. Conservation, energy renewal, carbon footprints and protection of our wildlife are all shamanic practices. In shamanic terms, our intent to save the earth and its beings is the beginning of the emergence of the sacred feminine and our internal instinct to save her mother earth. As a people, we have evolved and we now stand before a crossroads of power.

Shamanistic Tools
Learning to stand in your own power in a shamanic way is about self-worth; about taking personal power; and it is about healing yourself by connecting with the voice of your own unique wisdom.

Shamanic teachings, meditations, and visualizations open up your ability to use and to strengthen your imagination. You must learn that what you imagine is real. When teaching in the spiritual world, choose every word and sound carefully to produce an elevating effect within each individual.

Deep Trance Visualization
The art of deep trance visualization is an ancient shamanistic technique used for spirit journeys and employs symbols rather than the spoken word. Symbols reach a greater depth and provide shamans with an extraordinary landscape for their work. In ceremony, always begin with words for the sake of communication and sacred harmony and then move into the powerful realm of each person’s individual self-worth.

The Sacred Wheel Of Life
Using the ancient teachings of the sacred wheel of life, you can learn to harness that power and use it to choose your direction wisely when you find yourself standing at the crossroads of power in your life. This crossroad is a place of great power because it is a place where decisions must be made and acted upon. This way of looking at life gives you the opportunity to see the whole picture at one time and it shows you how to recognize the energies that are driving whatever the relationship or situation is that has brought you to the crossroads. Once you understand the energies at work, you stand in the center of the wheel as you chart your way forward from a place of confidence and knowing. This will propel you through any crossroads in a conscious and intended way as you discover the truth of what you are facing.

We are all transforming and awakening to the disharmony between our male and female selves. We are learning to recognize the internal conflict within ourselves. The ancient tools for healing are now being shared in mainstream media, and thorough healing is occurring. It is even more important now to learn how to use these tools.

About the author:
Lynn Andrews is a New York Times/internationally bestselling author of Medicine Woman and 19 other books. A shaman healer and mystic, Lynn is acknowledged as a major link between the ancient world of shamanism and modern societies. For more information visit


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