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The Nature of Death

The Nature of DeathbyPeter Michael

Death is one of those little things nobody likes to talk about. It is seen as bad, painful, dark, and unhealthy. The fact is death is the most important moment of a human beings existence. It is the defining moment and culmination of a human beings life. In the western world it is taught that death is one of those little things to be avoided until it happens. That we are to live our lives in the "now", and not prepare or even think that we will one day not be here. This is a wrong approach towards death, because we wait until it happens to accept it.

Death is something that needs to be fully accepted, prepared for, and understood, prior to it happening. It is this understanding that will allow us to move calmly and gracefully into the next existence.

Death is very much like birth, it can be painful at first but after it is over everything is OK, except that death is viewed as the end, where as birth is seen as a beautiful experience to be celebrated. This is the understanding and perception that needs to be changed in order for us to live without fear of dying, for to fear death is an unhealthy way of existence.

The first step is acceptance. We have to accept that life is temporary. That everything we have seen, felt, loved, and gained in this life will come to an end. That this is not a real world, but a playground for growth. That we did not come here to become attached to everything we see, feel, and experience. But that we came here to have an experience, and that after this experience is over we will have a new experience somewhere else.

The problem that most humans is have is that they begin to think this world is real and that there is nothing beyond this world. We make friends, build relationships, and carve out lives for ourselves that we become attached to. We forget who we are and where we came from. We buy into the "dream" of life, and develop an emotional attachment to all we see. It is similar to being in a dream that you believed was so real, you could not tell the difference between the dream and real life. Let's say you were placed into a movie theater to develop parts of yourself, but the movie was so real and so lifelike you began to think it was real, and when it was time for the movie to end you had a hard time letting it go because you had spent so much time in the "movie". This is very much like how normal human reality works. We get caught up in the "movie" and forget we are in a movie.

And this is in part how some spirits and souls get trapped on earth. They became so attached to the "movie" that when it comes time for it to end, they cannot let it go. And because they cannot let it go and want to stay in the "movie" of life, they are given what they have chosen. It is then no wonder why there are masses of millions and billions of souls stuck on earth. The worst choice a human soul could make is to stay on earth, confused and lost, with no way "home".

So this idea of death is something that needs to be fully embraced right now, not when it happens, so that when it happens we are fully prepared to "let go" of the movie. This can be done through death and dying workshops, "practicing" your death, and letting go right now, and forever until you die. For what you practice you become. And if you practice holding on to life, clinging to life and everything in it, you will have developed a habit of attachment, that will naturally reveal itself when you are approached with giving up.

Now, please understand this is not to imply that you cannot enjoy your life experience, in fact if you were fully aware of death you would enjoy it and appreciate it even more then anyone else, for you would see how precious of a gift it is. Most people take life for granted, and then when someone dies, they cry and weep, rather then understanding that life and death are not real. To imply that life and death exist is to imply that we have a beginning and an end, when in reality we have always been and will always be. We were never born and we will never die. We are unchanging, eternal forms of source energy and consciousness, and the only being who can hinder our growth and personal evolution is our own soul's choices and paths we take.

About the author:
Peter Michael is an angel healer, and teacher of spirit removal and spirit attachment.
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