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Natural Order, Cosmic Order And The Seeker

Natural Order, Cosmic Order And The SeekerbyGloria Eagle

There is order in the universe. The universe is governed by cosmic laws. Even the forces of chaos and destruction are part of the whole, which is orderly. When we speak of the natural order of things, it may be in reference to the order of the natural world, such as the order of the seasons and the law of gravity. It may be in reference to a social order, which we believe is natural. Or, it may be in reference to the invisible order of a metaphysical reality. When the world is in harmony,the reality of the physical world and social world are a mirror reflection of the metaphysical dimensions. Hence the saying: As above, so below.
Natural order is not separate from divine order, as many nowadays believe, but rather, it follows divine order. A river always has to flow from the fountainhead to the ocean. If it were to flow in reverse, it would be the end of the world, as we know it. Like a river, the great energy of The Godhead flows throughout the many dimensions of existence and through all beings, from the highest to the lowest, saturating the universe with life and light.

When building a pyramid, it is wide at the base, and it narrows as it rises upwards. It wouldn't hold the balance, if we were to build it upside down. When we pile pebbles by the river, we place the smaller stones on top of the larger stones. A small stone could be crashed by the weight of a large stone. So, we follow natural order in our construction.
A child has to learn to stand, before it learns to walk. We wouldn't want to force it to walk, before it learned to stand. It has to learn the A, B, C, before it can read Dante or Shakespeare,etc.

It can be damaging to go against natural order. A society too, has to follow natural order. For example, the young follow the generation before them, and not the other way around. If the youth is more respected than the old, as is often the case in western cultures, that is not natural order. If a society no longer respects and values its elders, the cumulative experience of the species would be lost, and the next generations would have to start from scratch. When a society is just and follows natural order, people with merit hold the proper positions of authority in their fields of expertise. When the natural order is disrupted, positions and roles are allocated through bribery, deception and favoritism. This in turn,would lead to the collapse of such society.

The seeker has to navigate and function in all dimensions of reality like everyone else, and better than anyone else. The seeker has to conserve and gather all the energy that she/he can, and utilize it for spiritual evolution. To be able to do so, the seeker has to align with natural and cosmic order. Friction or diversion from natural order, would lead to loss of precious energy.

When reaching large rocks, the river does not push through them, but circumvents them. Thus, it follows the path of least resistance. It flows from the higher plateau to the lower plateau. That is natural order. The order of everything in heaven and on earth has been named by the Chinese: The Tao. The sage follows The Tao. For evolution to take place, both individually and collectively, The Tao must be respected and understood.

P.S. This article is the intellectual property of Gloria Eagle and she reserves her full copyrights.

About the author:
Gloria Eagle is the successor of Carlos Castaneda. She inherited the Toltec knowledge of The Art of Dreaming from him. This knowledge, when studied and applied properly, leads to enlightenment and liberation.
Gloria's book: Ascension: A Seeker's Guide To Soul Liberation, can be found on
Her main blog is here:


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