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The tricky thing about healing...

The tricky thing about healing...byAndy Groggel, M.A.

Here is a tricky part about healing to consider from a shamanic point of view: it is completely non-linear. The cultural story we tell about healing paints a linear trajectory. You go to the doctor, she listens to your symptoms, prescribes a pill, and you ‘get better’. You go to a therapist, tell her your problems, she gives you suggestions on how to work with the symptoms you feel and eventually you ‘get better’. Well, my experience of healing is much different. My experience tells me that healing is just as messy as life is–it is just as hard…because it IS life.

When I work with clients we both consciously step outside of ordinary reality (everyday life) to enter into non-ordinary reality, where we can easily attune to the spirit world and its infinity. Within this infinity all of us can find the power that we need to heal ourselves. We connect with our power animals and spirit guides, energetic manifestations of our own potentials, and they guide us and teach us. Once we step outside of this infinity, however, we cannot immediately separate out the mundane from the sacred. It is easy to lose track of our infinity, of the power we need to heal ourselves.

And so this is why we engage in shamanic practices. Through shamanic practices such as the shamanic journey we are able to entrain our consciousness to the vibration of the spirit world. We can attune our energies in ordinary reality to the frequency of the spirit world and listen in whenever we want! Attuning to the frequency of the spirit world helps us navigate the non-linear nature of healing because acts as a compass bearing. When life feels topsy turvy we can enter into non-ornidary reality to ground our energies are re-orient to our healing potential. The same is true of nature–we can engage with it the same way. Nature, mother earth, is the spirit-world’s manifestation of infinity.

Life may never be easy, healing certainly will never be so…but by tapping into the infinity of our healing potential we can change the story that we tell about how and why we heal. Once you walk a shamanic path for long enough, develop a solid relationship with your helping spirits and shed enough of your past you will convince yourself that all of the struggle, the pain of life, is worth it. It is leading you somewhere, guiding your life in some way. You may even begin to see the hand of God at work in your life, teaching you how to gently cleanse yourself of lifetimes of karmic baggage so that you can step into the light and share your infinity with the world.

About the author:
Andy earned his Master’s degree in Integrative Health at the California Institute of Integral Studies in May, 2013. He is a certified Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master teacher. He has studied with some of the Bay Area’s premier teachers and focuses his healing approach on helping others connect with their true life path with the assistance of helping spirits, guides, and nature. Andy is also passionate about assisting others in developing their spirituality and using it as a wellness tool. He brings a unique combination of skills to each of his sessions, focusing all of his healing techniques on providing an empathetic space through which clients can safely go inward and feel empowered to facilitate change in their lives. Whether it is through a connection to nature and helping spirits, experiencing Reiki for the first time, or creating a wellness plan to achieve your personal and spiritual goals, Andy is happy to serve his community.


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