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The Modern Shaman

The Modern ShamanbyBabaji Maharaj

The beauty of Hawaii has been experienced by millions and remains a dream like destination filled with mystique and magic for all. Understanding how to utilize the many power places on the island for their transformational benefit is an art of mastery in itself.

The Kahuna lineage of Hawaii has a soul connection to other major tribal cultures such as India, Tibet, Peru and the ancient Lemuria. A special knowledge, or Shamanic pathway, has been handed down for millennia and continues through every age.

In Hawaii, there are many types of vortexes, portals, rings of power, pyramids and ascension stations where spirits can pass out or into this realm from another dimension. The term "spirit walker" certainly applies to this phenomena. In power places, your karma can speed up, so when you are at a cross roads, it is an excellent way to retreat and review your life, to clarify your destiny direction.

Some of the sacred journeys can pull you in or project you out. A masculine vortex strengthens your Mars energy, your warrior spirit. A female one strengthens Venus energy. The male vortexes in Hawaii can help you to become fearless and succeed in your career. The feminine vortexes will help you attract love, abundance to seed or fertilize your visions into manifestation. There are even power spots shaped in the male phallic symbols like Iao Needle, which has a beautiful river setting. This is an ideal place for Shamanic rites of power initiations.
There are also many sacred spots that can heal, promoting peace, attracting love and prosperity. There are so many places correlating to various chakras and dimensions. One may stumble onto these but often times they require a guide who can show you the way.
A water blessing can be a money blessing and ceremony where negative belief in and around a personal value system may have severe repercussions in your life. Shamans, after all, where often consulted in the curse of poverty and ill health, which were closely intertwined. There are superstitions, which may not be valid, in the light of modern times and technology. However, the ability to interact with the natural and astral forces, to know the unknown and see the unseen, is a great gift befitting any seeker on the Shamanic path.

The combination of the ancient and modern can seem a bit paradoxical at first. Let's explore and allow the ancient and modern ways to synthesize into a greater awareness, wonder, and be grateful for the guidance that comes true.

About the author:
Babaji Maharaj, guru and international healer is founder of the Omatrix Center. He currently leads retreats in Maui, Hawaii and has launched the first global center for transformation.


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