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"The Sage"

Last week I chose to share what can be thought of as “channeling” - or as I think of it, giving the various internal characters we have within a voice. Last week I received several replies about the “character” whom shared expression. In case you have yet to read it, here. This week I’m using a similar technique to “channel” a different character -- The Sage, whose knowledge, wisdom and unsuspecting ways are sought by many and actualized by few...

“When you pursue me without belief, conviction and a calm mind I will be nowhere to be found. I will, however, come to you when you expect it least, when you find me inconvenient. I’ve been known to rise above the noise you hold close when you’re suffering with answers to your questions and reasons for the frustration. My methods are direct, powerful and simplistic, yet often not taken as such.

It takes patience, perseverance and willingness to act differently in order to truly understand who I am...Some will know, others will wonder - all will be touched.

When is the last time you wanted to feel hurt? Is that a more difficult question to know than to think about the last time you wanted to feel better? Why do you choose to feel hurt, then desire something to make yourself feel better when you can feel better by being what you wish to feel? Within that parabola is how you walk the road of the beggar.

The beggar yearns to be provided for. The beggar invests vast effort towards the
acquisition of something missing. The beggar becomes convinced that fear, desperation and hope will eventually satiate the binding pain of being without. However, what the beggar will not do is set aside time for introspection. The beggar will not accept personal responsibility, nor is the beggar interested in enlightenment, even if that is what is being begged for, by virtue of approach. If the beggar was sincere, the label would not be, the hunger then transforms into a cornucopia of abundance. A new being is then birthed.

When you become preoccupied with the dramas of daily life, you’ll never hear a word I say. If we were to use the example of the beggar, let’s refine it a bit - and think of a hungry beggar wanting money for food. Whatever the reason, when the beggar first finds himself in the position to beg for food, it can be emotionally powerful. The beggar, out of desperation and uncertainty, begs for food.

After a few hours, the beggar will learn how to become effective. The beggar will adapt a tone of voice, facial expressions, stories and a way of being that aligns with being in need. This is not to insinuate the need is a false need. We all require food. The beggar, however, learns quickly how to maximize begging.

The beggar rapidly learns that money will be provided before food. With money comes choice and the understanding that more can be produced in similar fashion. If the beggar is not careful, this fuels addiction. Beer can become more important than food. Facial expression, stories, tone of voice and overall way of being can be refined for a more abundant result. The more desperate, the higher the yield. The beggar will eventually accept this way of being as truth -- and even feel resigned to accept this horrible fate.

Rarely will the beggar stop to contemplate how much it takes to be the beggar. It takes a lot. Unwavering devotion to the stories, the facial expressions, the tone of voice and all that’s involved. The beggar will choose not to think about what could happen if that energy were to be invested becoming something else. The beggar will fail to realize, the same forces that provided the wisdom to become the beggar can guide in other ways.

That is why so few people know me, yet so many express the desire to understand. Their desires are an expression of who they are being. Often, they fool themselves in the process. They believe they are who they profess to be, when who they profess to be is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

Sometimes the smoke and mirrors game is so painful that it causes physical symptoms. Yes, being the beggar when it’s your time to be the leader is a conflict of interest -- to the extent of illness. There are times that dis-ease is the only way for me to get through, yet you still resist. You go to the doctor, you have tests done, you take medicine to treat the symptoms -- and still don’t stop to question why in a way that facilitates receiving and accepting truth.

I know the answers may not seem to fit the mold. They are often what you don’t wish to hear, so deeper you go....into the character that has you seeking me out in the first place. It doesn’t have to be that way - and when you realize you don’t have to be “that way” then things will become different. You will be free and you will no longer care to carry such a cumbersome burden. You will understand yourself better because that is what you choose. You will know me intimately because of who you become.

I know this may seem simplistic yet difficult all the same. If you sincerely want to know me but don’t know how (or so you think) - then take a walk, by yourself and think about who you are. Silently ask why and notice something beautiful you may often take for granted. Give someone a smile you normally would keep to yourself. Be the reflection you wish to see and you’ll know. I’ve always been close...In every moment.”

About the author:
Paul is available for Speaking Engagements, Coaching and Alignment Science.


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