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10th PACHAKUTIbyTupaq Katari


Some groups in humanity have always been inclined to try to unveil the future or to advice it. In short, prophecies have been created since they never felt satisfied with what they had. The prophecies are only justified when the individual, group or society are bad and want to change. Of course, in an organized and prosperous society, the propose that will come when it will end, because that is what a prophet announces, as preached this message will never be welcome, but will be considered revolutionary and anti-social for the coexistence proposed and executed by the society involve.

While the prophetic theme in the Andes had almost disappeared, the last two decades have made re-flourish the fears and the desires for changes proposed basically for mystical currents, which usually are not interested in history or to contribute in a wise way for the changes; unlike what the mystics always proposed for failing in life, is the arrival of some divine being or alien to solve what they couldn’t for neglecting all the possibilities to be better giving by Pachamama.

It was the Professor Carlos Milla Villena, who in his book "Genesis of the Andean Culture" suggests that we have entered to the 10th Pachakuti in 1992, a cycle of 500 years and then give access to a new and so therefore Pachakuti cycles. The proposal of the 10th Pachakuti given by Carlos Milla, was accepted in the Andes as real, and was the only one in the last two decades maintained this argument. But about three years ago at a public conference in Cusco it was asked to him how he had come to the conclusion that we were in the 10th Pachakuti?, And his final response was that he proposed this according to his personal conclusions but not with historic references, but could be that we are at the 13, 18, 20 or other Pachakuti ... who knows?.

If the nature of human beings is to discover the future, to this day none of the long-term announcements have been met. The only prophecies in our contemporary world that are sometimes advised with very close results are the ones of weekly meteorology, and some economic, political and others that are able to be measured and planned; but the alleged prophecies that because we are entering in a new time to the 5th dimension and that only the good ones following the techniques "munayki" created by bold individuals, or panic sellers as Drunvalo Melchezidek or any other fake seller are the ones to ascend to those dimensions, put us as society at the point of simplicity and denial to the virtues of Pachamama to improve our lives on this planet.

If the creator of the 10th Pachakuti, publicly concluded that we are not in the 10th, but in any Pachakuti possible, to argue that the Q'ero tribes have jealously guarded the knowledge of time, is a farce and places us once again in currents to justify that any argument is valid to sell any religious or mystic product. The Q'eros are completely ignorant about the history as they have shown in some of the talks in Cusco which have been organized to speak about themselves. They have no historical knowledge of what is and what was the great nation of the Inkas. Of course this has nothing to do with whether people are good or bad. They may be passive and even good-hearted people as the thousands of tribes that exist in Peru.

When I hear you foreigners, with ease and lightness talking of the Andean themes, this surprises me, since we here in Peru continually try to find details about our own history, which is very complex and you argue so lightness without a historical or experiential support of what are the Andes and its diversity. The fact that some of you have been associated with some of the thousands of tribes we have in Peru, this does not make you experts in our history, then have a little more respect when you try to expand Andean themes in your groups or social networks remembering that now everything becomes global and is also arriving to us.

Visit Peru and its thousands of tribes; visit Peru with all the historical evidence that still exist and open yourself to know more about the amazing Inka real people - our real ancestors and not the product that has been created specially for the USA and European markets.

Tupac Katari

About the author:
I am passionate for my Andean ancestors' wisdom and want to discover more of the lost world they created. Lake Titikaka was the source for many great nations and today still keeps its energy to embrace the new humanity, I am devote to this sacred area.


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