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Shedding the Skin - Emerging New

Shedding the Skin - Emerging NewbyPaul Bunting

Recently, after a long search, change happened -- I moved. Characteristically - I'm usually up to a challenge. This was one of them. The inside of the house was an absolute dump, a complete war-zone - something I knew and was prepared to analyze, confront and resolve. You should have seen the many ways breath, force and grace (YOGA) can be applied to projects requiring unbending will.

The yard....The "beautiful" yard was full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Years of neglect was obvious. Ravaged trees needed emergency help. Rotting shrubs needed to be removed. Dead giant bamboo bonded by various vines needed to be removed. Two years of leaves shrouded an even greater horror. Bushels of mango sproutlings pittled a field of thorns and weeds. -- And...the pretty vine growing on practically everything, well that needed to go too. Now, I so intimately know miles of the kudzu vine. I know it well. It's deviant roots poison everything. Under the roots of trees, into the roots of shrubs, in the middle of the yard, under the street - and other recessive nooks yet to be discovered. The strength of those wretched roots is a true testament of will. They will fight you to the bitter end - and just when you think every last root is pulled, another hidden dragon rears its head in the form of a new stalk.

In the midst of a storm of many other crouching tigers and hidden dragons (that I don't need to go into - as that's the cycles of life) I couldn't help but observe the strength of bamboo in terms of how it grows. Much like a snake, when the inner part of the plant is ready to expand, it sheds it's old skin, discarding that which would restrict growth. Once the old skin is gone, a fresh, revived and expanded shoot of bamboo emerges. Free to grow to new heights until the moment the precious force which causes life - the essence of what is here, departs...Not even the kudzu can hold it back. Bamboo will let go of that (branches) which can be bound, free itself, reach new heights, then expand with new branches...A snake - a serpent, represented in medical and spiritual symbols also needs to shed its own bondage to renew. Similar the that within each and every one of us.

As we breach the 4th quarter -- How many of us have shed that which keeps us in bondage? How many of us have felt the essence of that which we wish for wane in the face of adversity? To me, recent hidden challenge has once again - reminded me to shed my skin or perish. Emerging anew requires energy, effort and the will to leave the shell (of unsupportive thought) behind so I can rise and face what is NOW ahead. What was once ahead, yesterday's challenges -- they are gone. Water under the bridge. Today is a new day, fresh in all aspects -- free to create, prosper and spread my wings in a changing world. I wish the a beautiful new skin for all of you as well.


About the author:
Paul Bunting is Practitioner of Yogic Breathwork and introspective meditations.


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