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FREEDOMbyTony Samara

an excerpt from the book A SHAMAN'S WISDOM by Tony Samara

Shamanism, as old and mystical as it is, may be re-appropriated and
practiced by Westerners in their everyday life and may constitute a new way of life based on ancestral wisdoms. Our ancestors understood that freedom is based on fitting into a Cosmos where all is One and where the One carried an expression of all. With the rapid polarisation of the modern world into ego driven desires and conflicts from a self orientated towards itself, we have lost
this sense of balance and are in great danger of living in a selfish world which moves away from Life. Now, more than ever, it is important to create a bond between the deep balance of Nature that is the essence of Life and our daily activities. In the future, this balance will probably become more common in the economy, philosophy, politics and the general thinking of Western societies, as more and more people practice spiritual disciplines oriented towards the realization of this harmonious goal. Humanity will be
always preferred to death, just like freedom will always be preferred to limitation.

What makes Huachuma shamanism so special is that it considers
freedom as a gift of Nature and the Cosmos to mankind? One can fully
experience freedom as a gift when one perceives life through the conscious inner Self. Spiritual work is about understanding and going beyond the negative forces that prevent us from saying "yes" to Life. These forces are actually a manifestation of imbalance. The choice is then to live according to the forces of imbalance, creating disharmony inside and around us, or to create a balance in our lives, by living in harmonious relationship with natural and cosmic forces, which is what shamanism is about. This is what our ancestors did and what some people in traditional societies still do today with much less distraction than in the modern world.

When we start to abandon our everyday life distractions and we become
conscious of the forces of imbalance, which affect our deep Self, a question emerges completely naturally: "Until when will we allow these forces to disturb our balance?" All is a matter of choice and expression of our freedom. Making the good choice allows us to go beyond what causes limitation in our life. And if from the deepest part of the Self we understand that the limitation is a creation based on a simple thought, we can then use this thought as limited as is it to reinforce our intention to turn us to the present rather than to the past. Being present to our body, our mind and our
emotions gives the freedom to experience Joy and Love. This freedom
expresses the inner Self in a very creative way.

The experience that consists of finding Totality or Unity in our lives is the true significance of Love. We can be dissatisfied when this Joy and Love do not animate us and do not surround us, when we feel that reality is made up of violence, poverty, disease and wounded souls. In Huachuma shamanism, these things are not reality but rather thoughts that create our experience. Life has decided these things for us but we always have the choice to avoid being internally disturbed by the external circumstances. We can, for example, decide to not be moved by praises or criticisms. We can
assume the responsibility for our actions and refuse to consider ourselves as a victim. A choice of this nature changes everything.

The more we try to control the world that surrounds us, the less we have freedom. The discomfort we feel results from the resistance to know the truth and in the belief that the mind and the ego, which express separation, can understand Totality and Union. However, Joy and Peace come from Union and Totality. They are not external to us but are rather an integral part of ourselves and an extension of all that we do. True freedom comes from the inside, which does not know separation.

About the author:
Tony Samara is visited by people from all parts of the world and from all walks of life, seeking spiritual guidance or simply the experience of being in his presence. He is a mirror of what is possible, a shining reminder of the endless potential of being human. For more information please visit www.tonysamara.org


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