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Healing depression without drugs

Healing depression without drugsbyDawn Paul

Many people come to see me saying that they have suffered with depression for many years. The vast majority of people take prescribed medication for depression as well, believing it is their only option. But most people I see do not understand what depression actually is, or what causes it.

I, as you may know, am a shamanic healer. Shamanic healing works on the concept of energy, in particular, the concept of an “energy body” which surrounds our physical bodies in an egg shape. It is often referred to as an “aura.” It is important to remember that the health of the energy body determines the health of the physical body, NOT the other way around. The energy body feeds light energy to the physical body and needs to be kept clean and clear. It is kept clean and clear by positive thinking, good food, being in nature, exercise and of course, addressing our healing needs, whether from this lifetime or past lifetimes. However, trauma, stress, worry, negative emotion, shock, ancestral issues and past life issues, along with lack of good food and regular exercise can all affect the “health” of the energy body. Instead of being radiant and light, its gets clogged up with “heavy energy” we call hucha. This heavy energy makes the physical body then feel similarly heavy. This is why it is common that we put on weight when we are depressed! And of course, with the mind-body connection, we then feel heavy-minded, or as we call it, depressed. So prescribed medication may give you a little lift, but it does not clear the energy body, so the depression will continue, simply being masked by the drugs. The vibration of the drugs themselves will also reduce the vibration of the energy body, clogging it up even further.

In addition, it is important to remember that depression is often utilised by the body or mind as a form of buffer. Let’s say, for example, that a woman was sexually abused in childhood. The memory of this, along with the anger, rage, guilt, shame, fear etc, will of course be distasteful and unpleasant to her, so her mind will most likely create a great big lump of depression which will sit between “her” and her difficult past, the memories of which reside not only in her mind, but also in her body, because we carry memories in each cell of our being. So in some ways, depression itself is a form of self protection against things which we find hard, unpleasant, or downright scary to deal with.

In my healing practice I have seen people who have suffered depression for years access their painful past memories and clear them up during their healing session. Once the reason for the depression is gone, the buffer is no longer required and the heavy energy of the depression easily disperses. Because the heavy emotional energy is removed out of the energy body, the physical body feels much lighter and the mind then feels more positive and happy. This enables the person to make any changes they would like to see in their life and to start to move in a more pleasant and positive direction.

In follow up sessions, soul retrieval can be carried out ( more can be found on this on my website to further help bring the person back to a state of wholeness and happiness. Of course it takes a lot of courage to go on a healing path and face up to our past in order to put things right. But very quickly we can find ourselves feeling much better than ever and more in control of our lives, going in a direction that we want to go in rather than take the cards we feel that fate has handed us. Whatever has happened to you is in the past. You do have control over your future. Yes you may have to come out of a very uncomfortable comfort zone ( I think a “known zone” is a better word than comfort zone as that word implies where we are is pleasant and this is rarely the case!) which can be a bit scary, but you will never regret the move forward.

About the author:
Dawn Paul, is a shaman specializing in shamanic healing, soul retrieval and theta healing for people with emotional problems, or who have experience sexual abuse, depression and gives spiritual councelling to people all over the globe, shes also helped top Radio 2 DJ Janey Lee Grace


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