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Do You Effect the World or Does the World Effect You?

Do You Effect the World or Does the World Effect You?byShaman Elder Maggie Wahls

In this day of chaos and catastrophe both natural and man made, so many people feel overwhelmed by the changes that seem to be imposed upon them. More and more people are feeling helpless against the tides from conditions at home, in the workplace and climatic events as well. This creates a feeling of helplessness and control from outside sources creates fear.

Many new age thinkers have been talking about co-creation or creating your own destiny, manifesting what you want in life. But today that idea seems even more ridiculous as we labor under conditions that we neither asked for nor wanted. How can someone claim to create their own reality with abundance and health and freedom in these times of political unrest, job dissatisfaction, low wages, high unemployment and ravaging disease?

Many people with religious upbringing have been taught to just ask the Will of God into their lives and give control of the future to whatever Supreme Being they believe in. By giving control away we can always blame someone else when things turn ugly for us. "The boss made me do it." Or, “I had no control over the situation.” It is one way to cope with the fact that our lives seem lost and out of control. But let us look at the Will of God factor.

What is the Will of God? In most religious writings the will of God is love. It is goodness. It is all things positive. God is all good, all powerful and all beneficent. In the Bible Jesus gives us two commandments, “Love me as you love yourself and love others as you love me”. The new covenant is all about love.

So when you ask for the Will of God in your life are you not asking for love in all its manifested forms to come into your life? If a person is giving love, sharing love, being love with himself and all those around him it is there we see the Will of God in action. This is what we are called to do in the New Testament. In responding to God’s call for love we are joining with Him in co-creating the reality that He most wishes us to have. Goodness, abundance, joy, sharing and community.

If you take those new-age practitioners who speak about co-creating and put them together with the Will of God you would be co-creating the Will of God. So if they are speaking about co-creating love, joy, peace, abundance they are actually doing the Will of God. We can too. If we live our lives with love and work to help our brothers and sisters we are helping God bring His own Will to manifestation on this planet. Be the bearer of God’s love. Bring that love right into your own heart. That is the first commandment. Then share that love with everyone around you. Take time to listen, Share what you have. Smile at strangers. Help those who need the help you can provide. That is the second commandment.

It is said that for every kind deed you do that kindness will come back to you tenfold. If we all learned to co-create with God, imagine the peace, the joy and the bounty that would be ours. Instead of the world effecting us as we lay powerless under its throat hold we could take up the ageless call for love and effect the world around us. We would regain our power to make changes. We would realize our strength to bring joy and peace into our lives and even to Mother Earth. God shares His power with us and it is called love. With love all things are possible.

About the author:
Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls has been a practicing Traditional Shaman for 50 years and teaches a FREE ecourse called What Is God. Ten lessons delivered by email weekly. To get your FREE first lesson today just go to


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Zeb - July 3rd 2010 01:16:56 PM
It's time we took the bull by the horns and run our own lives instead of waiting for everyone else to do it for us. I want to create love for myself and my friends and family. I want to help create love in the earth. Good article! I love that you say "God" here.

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