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Living Shamanism: The Art of the Everyday Journey & Living Your Destiny

Living Shamanism: The Art of the Everyday Journey & Living Your DestinybyRonda LaRue

There’s a lyric to the song, “Circle of Life”, made popular by Elton John and in the Movie “The Lion King” that says: “You will find your place on the path unwinding…” This phrase and this song has become a favorite reflection of my life work as shaman guide and teacher in the art of finding and living your destiny.

What I’d like to offer you here is simply this: Your life is the shaman journey And the conscious living/honoring of your life is how your find your way and live your destiny – It’s on the path unwinding that healing, insight, and direction informs your being and brings you to your true nature and wisdom way.

Even though I occasionally do still enter into a formal shamanic journey of the upper, middle, and underworlds to seek direction and clarity – and even though I still do occasionally still teach the traditional method of inner seeing to my students and clients (aka as learned through Michael Harner over 25 years ago) -- I’ve come to understand and fully see that life itself is “the shaman journey”.

When we learn the art of following and understanding the symbolic language of soul (what I’ve come to call the SoulArts Process of Awakening ™), everyday life becomes a living portal on the shamanic journey and path unwinding!

When our daily living becomes itself a meditation -- when daily situations and incidences are respected and regarded as the shaman journey itself -- all of life opens up; healing and synchronicity become common place; direction unfolds organically; there is no need to “journey for answers or to seek insight”: Rather, you enter into the artistry of living in the shaman journey itself as you go about your day. Life and living becomes multi-dimensional and freely inspired.

To me, and in my life work as a spiritual minister/healer and guide, this is where the “rubber meets the road”: In living the shaman journey every day in every day situations and the attention we give them.

I love the traditional shaman approach and respect the path of soul retrieval and all modalities of shamanism. But like other “religions”, I feel that true Shamanism is becoming too encapsulated in method; too tied to technique; missing the real life and truth and intelligence behind such methods, techniques and dogmas.

In my SoulArts spiritual apprenticeships and retreats, I teach daily living shamanism: One that lets go of what I call “needy greedy” constriction to heal, answer, grasp at solutions, or empower ego with allies…and instead simply falls in love with your own life’s genius and evolution as the shamanic journey of a lifetime itself!

When we fall in love with the Mystery, and learn the art of attending in everyday life to our own uniquely evolving path as it unwinds, we very naturally and organically discover the shaman within; and we very easily then step into expressing and living our true destiny.

When we live our every day life as a shamanic journey, seeing and attending to the language of soul as we go about the day, we very simply find that we are led to healing insight and direction, clarity of perception, “right service to others”, and awake to our unique genius and wisdom way. What I called in my second book: The Art of Living Your Destiny”, is always right here, now, on the path unwinding, as we live it, see it, honor it...

About the author:
Ronda LaRue, M.S., D.D. is a spiritual author/teacher and shaman guide and founer of Center for Soul Arts and the SoulArts Process of Awakening ™. Ronda works from a novel and contemporary approach to the ancient tradition of one-on-one sacred apprenticeship for facilitating radical transformation. healing wholeness, and direct Self-Realization at her private artisan retreat in Ojai, California, and in small groups internationally.

Center for Soul Arts, Ojai California: Rated one of the top 10 spiritual retreats in the U.S. and world for this artful approach. More and


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matt - June 23rd 2010 03:16:45 AM
right on! thank you

matt - June 25th 2010 05:20:37 AM
To let go and be involved in the mystery is more fun! But not easy!

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