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A Story of The Bamboo Forest

A Story of The Bamboo ForestbyShaman Elder Maggie

So many people today feel that they can just go on a joy ride with the energies of universe. They are not willing to accept the responsibility for that choice. We are not isolated beings in isolated worlds. Everything affects everything. Like that pebble in the pond, what you create not only affects you but affects everyone around you, and affects those other 11 you's in the 11 other dimensions, too, if you choose to believe in them! Ever wake up and feel sad for no reason? You know there has to be a reason for that, right?

Even our own intelligence is simply a way we choose to focus our attention. We are not intelligent! We know next to nothing about this universe! But if we focus our awareness on ourselves alone we may let ourselves believe that we are somehow intelligent, compared to what? When we compare ourselves to that tree perhaps, that we consider to be inert,lifeless, nothing more than wood. My goodness! This is an example of the focus of awareness. And because we can perceive so very little of all that is, no matter what we focus our awareness on we are only fooling ourselves. Nothing is known but everything is assumed.

The Shaman on the other hand, knows she knows nothing. The Shaman also does not assume anything. Like the samurai warrior surrounded by 12 bad guys, she stands there with one stick in her hands and moves and flows according to what is manifesting in each moment. She glides and turns and meets specific action with equal and opposite action. She moves out of the way as one comes toward her and lets that enemy fall upon his own sword. She bends down as another warrior lunges toward her and lets his own movements knock him off his feet. She does not know what is going to happen next. She does not have a plan. She is not pretending to be in control. But she is balanced, she knows her place here, and she lets the enemy determine what her actions are to be. She is ready for anything, highly aware, watching, observing, seeking center at all times.

I like to tell the story of the bamboo forest. Imagine if you will, a forest of bamboo trees. Have you ever seen one? All the bamboo trees are very tall and very close together, even touching at their bases so that you cannot just walk through a bamboo forest like a conifer forest. There are many places were you cannot get between the trees. You might have to climb between them or between ten of them to get through there and sometimes there is just no way to get between them so you have to walk in the spaces that you can find. Some places have more room between the trees so your path is winding and staccato and you might have to back track and wind around several times to walk through a bamboo forest from one side to the other.

Now imagine that these trees are giant rubber bands. They reach so high into the sky that you cannot see the ends of these rubber bands. And again in some places they are so close to one another that you cannot walk between them or you may have to climb up between them. Again there would be no straight path through this rubber band forest. But now, each time you step between two rubber band trees you create a vibration as you disturb them and they begin to vibrate. Some of these trees are thick, sturdy rubber bands and it takes a lot of disturbance to make them vibrate and others are very thin and the slight touch of your foot or hand is enough to make them vibrate wildly. You can see which are strong and thick and which are thin and fragile.

And if you disturb them too much you may in fact break a rubber band tree and it would go snapping through this forest and set many, many rubber bands to vibrating and may even snap other rubber bands and set off a chain reaction in this forest that may hit you and kill you or anyone else who may be in this forest.

So you have an intention. And that means you choose to get from one side of this rubber band forest to the other side. But it is crowded with rubber band trees and thick and almost impossible to get through.

And you notice that there are other people in here too also trying to get through this forest. And they are not so aware of the danger as you are. And they are plodding through and moving the trees and pushing their way and disturbing the forest and the trees are shaking and vibrating and things look worse and worse and you see that some of the thinner trees are about to snap. What should you do? Stay still! Right? The best thing you can do is to not move at all at that point. Wait until those people sit still and the rubber bands calm down before you make any move at all.

When you do make a move, do it gently and carefully being mindful to watch and observe how much vibration you are causing, weighing out how much you can disturb the forest without causing any harm to yourself or anyone else there. One vibrating rubber band tree can cause the entire forest to shake. Your actions affect the whole universe. And sometimes it is best to just sit still. You are not going to get from here to there in a straight line. Nothing in life is straight. So choose your path, look for the sturdiest trees, watch for bigger gaps between trees where you can step safely, do not try to climb through the thinnest trees, pay attention over your head to what is happening above you in the forest canopy. It may be shaking much more up there than it is down here where you are.

What do you think I am talking about here? Think about it. What is this rubber band forest? Let me know in an email what you think this is about.

We influence everything with our choices. We influence our assemblage point location with our choices. We influence the raising of kundalini energy with our choices. We influence each other with our choices. We share all experience with all beings in our reality. Your pain affects me; your pleasure affects me, too. And as you transmute negative emotional energy by letting it die, letting it leave your reality, letting it fly out into the non- manifest cosmos and letting that act birth positive emotional energy in that magic moment on the edge of reality, you bring me positive emotion, too.

When I cure myself of flu there is no more flu to spread to others. When I create happiness in my life I share that happiness with others. When I do the work to be in the place to have a perfectly located assemblage point, I bring you with me closer to that place, too. A healer is someone who by his own efforts and choices has allowed himself to become healed. It is by that person's example, that person's manifested wellness, that others are influenced to become healed as well. It is not how that person interacts with others, what he or she offers to do for others, it is his or her own act of becoming healed that brings healing into this world.

We can walk through the chaotic rubber band world and still keep our intention focused on reaching the other side. In the rubber band forest, though, we have additional responsibility to keep our energy positive – to live Reiki – so that we leave such small footprints where we walk that another person won’t stumble over our path. We must handle all the bands with love and patience and choose each step as though it might be the last one we take; for even if it isn’t our own last step, our actions could make it the last step for someone else. We need to choose well (volition), move at the appropriate time (patience), be just as attentive to the 100th step as to the first (perseverance), think at all times about the impact our choices have on everyone – not just on ourselves (lovingkindness), but never lose sight of where we are going (commitment). It may take longer to get to our destination this way, but going there is our path – getting there is only the end.

About the author:
A Traditional Indigenous Shaman, taught by her own family lineage and practicing for over 55 years now, Shaman Elder Maggie offers to teach you her own family's shamanic wisdom as she practices it herself. This is an amazing opportunity to work with a traditional Shaman for four months with unlimited email correspondence. Visit for more information or to start today!


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Zebra Woman - June 23rd 2010 12:12:52 PM
I loved this article on how and why to take responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions! So important! Thank you, Shaman Elder Maggie. (I like your website!)

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