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Soul Retrieval for Fifty Bucks? You're kidding!

Soul Retrieval for Fifty Bucks? You're kidding!byShaman Elder Maggie Wahls

Aho! A soul retrieval or extraction is a very serious thing. I find that not many people really require a soul retrieval. To need a soul retrieval the client has to be consciously aware that they made a barter with an inner world being. That would be something like the guy in the office who said he would give anything to have a weekend with the beautiful secretary. So he makes this barter with the universe at large and lo and behold he does get the opportunity to spend a weekend with the blonde. He sneaks away from his wife and family to some cabaña on the beach with the blonde and they have a roll in the hay and she is not so pretty or nice as he thought and not so good in the hay either. Then three weeks later the blonde takes him to the boss for harassment at work. He loses his job and his wife leaves him. Now he is broke and alone.

You see, these deals that the inner world beings trade us for are cheap imitations of what we can get for ourselves. Another example is,
there was a fellow who owned 50 acres of prime deer hunting land. But he never saw deer when he went to hunt. So he said I would give my right leg if I could only bag my limit here each year of my life. So that year he bagged his limit. And each year he bagged his limit. But over the years he developed arthritis in his legs, and eventually it got so bad that he was put in a wheelchair. Then he could no longer hunt at all. He did give his right leg and his left leg, too.

This is what a soul retrieval is about. Have you ever made a deal with any entities for something you wanted so bad? Have you ever traded your soul for something? I doubt it! So I don't think its a soul retrieval that you need.

An extraction is used when a person has invited some inner world entity to come inside them. This does not happen without the free will choice of the person. It can be a subconscious free will choice but no being can violate your free will choice, ever. Only humans do that. So if you are saying that at one time you invited some entity into yourself and you want that entity to go now, let's talk about that.

If you believe that someone else put an entity into you against your will, well somewhere in there, you gave permission for that to happen. You may have given your power over to some other person or let them violate your free will choice. But no being can stay within you if its your free will choice that they go. I can help you set your intention correctly if you like.

I know that there are many sites offering soul retrievals and extractions as though they are popsicles. These are people using the word "shamanism" to make money. No true shaman would ever do an extraction or a soul retrieval lightly or at $50 a pop.

To know who to work with watch for this:

One of the universal truths of Shamanism, practiced by all true shamans in all cultures for all time is this.
"It is what you do that defines you."

1.Look to see what kinds of healings these people have accomplished. Find out their track record. Talk to other people they have brought healing to. If they won't give references, then don't work with them.

2. See if they give credit for any healing work they do to Creator, God, Source because every true shaman knows it is not they who do the healing, it's Creator working through them. If these people do not mention this, then they are not shamans.

3. See if these people have a direct lineage through their present family lines to a shamanic tradition and were taught by their own family members. You don't want someone who just read a book to come into your own energy field and bring all kinds of ugly things that they carry in themselves to pollute your energy field. I would not pay $50 or $5000 to someone to bring their baggage into my spirit.

I do teach those who have progressed through my online apprenticeship course and are capable of journeying in the true shamanic way, how to access their own inner worlds and do healing for themselves. It's up to you to do the course work and to practice with the tools you will find that you already have in this course. You can learn how to do your own soul retrieval in working with me if you progress to the point where you are capable of holding intent, being impeccable, using your emotions as tools, balance, awareness, and other skills taught directly and completely in this course to prepare you for journeying in the traditional sense.

I do not expect you to adopt my belief system. I can only teach you what I myself have experienced and learned from my own indigenous shamanic family lineage. But every student who has taken this course as had a life changing experience. In this course we can find your own healing as I too believe that a true healer first heals herself and that is the core of this whole online apprenticeship course: to get you to a place where you can stand in your power and Light and be a Light to others. I want you to be a healer for others because you have learned what healing truly is and how to achieve it for yourself in this course.
Ask me anything, anytime.

Shaman Elder Maggie

About the author:
Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls has been a practicing Shaman for over 50 years. She recently received a dispensation to reach out to those who have a desire to learn about a Shaman’s path and now offers an online course at www.shamanelder.com. Many people on this earth have been Shamans in other lives and only need to reconnect with their lost knowledge and skills to bring shamanic healing back to Mother Earth and its peoples. This is Shaman Elder’s goal. Please visit her website at www.shamanelder.com or write her an email for a FREE consultation at shaman@shamanelder.com


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zen yoga - July 1st 2010 09:12:27 AM
Well, that's interesting. Everyone who went to the Michael Harner School of Shamanism charges by the session, like massage therapists. Their work is excellent. They teach shamanic healing as a technique. Shamanism is natural and has been around much longer than the American Native Indians. It's found all over the world since the beginning of time. I'm sure you are quite 'elite' and most likely Native American.

zen yoga - June 6th 2010 06:28:03 AM
thank you for speaking your truth aho mitakuya oyasin Aaron www.artofzenyoga.com

zen yoga - June 6th 2010 11:06:45 AM
Wow, this is a good article! It helps me to be able to distinguish between the true deal and all the junk on the internet claiming to be "shamanic". There are so many people claiming to be shamans of some type, none with formal training except maybe a year of workshops. Most don't have any apprenticeship that changes their lives, as would be gotten if a person were to become a shaman in a tribe. They just learn some rituals and say they are healing people. HAHA! A true shaman studies FOR YEARS before being able to be called a shaman. They need to learn that they can heal others by healing themselves first. Thank you, Shaman Elder Maggie, for being one of a kind, and available for real healing, via the internet!

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