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A Journey: Wisdom of the Crone and Woody Woodpecker!

A Journey: Wisdom of the Crone and Woody Woodpecker!byKara Thompson

I do journeys for other people and so I did a journey for B, with the intention of finding answers/guidance on “What is B’s life purpose?”

As I journeyed up into the Upper World, I was joined by a bird which whipped past me in its enthusiasm. It was blue, so at first I thought it was a bluebird, but it had a bright orange neck, which popped out at me, was kind of cartoonish, like Woody Woodpecker, and it smiled at me as it went by me, flying up and up. The feeling I got was that this bird was B’s main personal power animal. It was so excited to get there and get some answers that it raced ahead of me!

As B’s power animal and I journeyed to the Upper World, the woodpecker went up into the Vulva of the Universal Mother. It entered this sacred place of power, then this Vulva branched into two vulvas. These two vulva’s seemed to have particular relevance to B, and were blue as the bird was. The feeling I got was that it seemed to be important for B’s power animal, to enter both Vulva’s, so he did. Once inside the Vulva’s, it turned into one vaginal canal of the Universal Mother, and we both went up and through the Womb of the Mother and continued up and out of her spinal column into the Upper World.

I asked for guidance on B’s question on her behalf. I was first shown B scratching in the dirt, taking the “dirt” into herself as a tunnel to process it. B seemed to be the “container” for the dirt – she was take into the dirt of others lives and hold it, and with her knowledge, to process it for them. (I asked for clarification on what the “dirt” was, and the “dirt” is the “stuff” in the people’s lives that B wishes to help them process). By scratching under the dirt, B would uncover gold. It felt like the gold was the unique values of each person coming to B.

The next message was an old aboriginal woman with black braids, dancing in a circle, wearing a white leather dress with fringes, decorated with blue and black beads. While she danced her sacred dance and sang her sacred songs, she was staring into a mirror. The mirror was not only reflecting her image, but was generating its own light and was reflecting other things back. When I asked for clarification, I received that B (as the old woman with sacred knowledge and powers) is a mirror for others, and would cause them to see themselves in a new, bright light.

The last message I got for B, was where B was represented by a kind of a closed plastic round container. (The closest thing I can think of that it resembled, is the circular plastic piece on the end of a retractable dog leash.) The retractable opening was taking in a sort of film, and spooling it inside the plastic container. The film was the experiences of all the people B wishes to help. Tiny pictures of these people were being drawn into the container (which represented B). Then when all the pictures had been coiled into B, it stopped and the “processing” inside began. Then, the retractable part started unspooling a long line of tickets. The tickets started coming out and people were enthusiastically tearing the tickets off as they came out. I asked for clarification and the tickets were B’s invitations to people she wants to help, that wanted to come to B’s events.

I provided this journey to B and let her think about it for a few days to see what she came to her.

When I looked objectively at some of the themes throughout B’s journey, there were some common threads:

* B in every image I had of her, was full of the experience and the sacred wisdom as the Crone throughout. Also, B was “birthed” through the ultimate Yoni (vulva) the sacred symbol of feminine creativity, further strengthening her tie with Ultimate female wisdom.
* B is portrayed as being a “container” of wisdom (as a tunnel she contained and processed the “dirt” of others’ lives, B as the old woman reflected back brighter images of people’s images that they couldn’t see of themselves, B as a plastic “container” collected other’s life images and processed them for them, and fed it back to them)
* B is portrayed as a spiral (tunnel is a cylinder, woman’s dancing circle, plastic container spooling and unspooling) or going through cylinders (Universal Vulva)
* The indigo/blue color throughout representing spiritual vision and deep delving into the psyche/expression and communication (blue jay, blue vulva, blue beads on old woman’s dress).

Analyzing B's Journey

It was interesting talking to B about what was going on in her life. She totally related to the qualities of the bluejay (opportunistic/communication/taking action in her highest good), and the woodpecker (opportunistic/attention grabber/look at old projects in new way).

She had long worked in male-dominated industries, and had always been challenged on her beliefs, particularly as she was a woman. She had battled male opinions about how to do things for along time, but was finally succeeding in making others in her industry, mostly men, see things and other people from a different perspective. She was finally coming to a place in her life where she was finding the confidence to express her opinions, particularly as female-oriented opinions in a male world. She was also seeing the men she worked with express their confidence in her. (We discussed the “initiation” into the Universal Vulva and out the top of the Universal Mother - attaining the wisdom of the Crone.)

Her day job centred around making employers see the qualities of their employees in a new light, or value them in a different way. The other activities she was being drawn to now were all about helping people see their own qualities in a new light, and value those qualities.

B confirmed that the journey images helped her see her own skills in a new and different light. She said that she was prompted to re-design activities that she was offering others in a different way, with a different focus. (We discussed how she was the “container” for others lives, and how she used her Crone wisdom and experiences to reflect back to them their true value. Also, the emphasis in her life on expression and communication with the blue color.)

We also discussed the deep symbolism of the spirals and circles, in the evolution of her clients from outer materialism to the value of their inner life. Also, how she was being “re-birthed” through the Universal Vulva and was facilitating the re-birth of others in her re-focussing their attention back to their own value.

I encouraged B to do her own further research on any aspect of the journey, particularly any details that stood out to her, for deeper meaning.

One other interesting important detail of this journey was that the woodpecker face that popped out at me during the beginning of the journey had a deep personal meaning for B. In fact, we did not entirely figure out the entire significance that the woodpecker played. But since it presented itself so strongly, and as it played such a significant role in B’s life, I encouraged her to examine her woodpecker experience and go back to her memories of that time in her life, to look for links to this question. I’m sure there is something even deeper and more relevatory there for her.


Copyright 2010 : : Kara Thompson

About the author:
Kara is the author of the blog, where she does journeys, deciphers signs, develop their intuition and discover their unique life path.


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