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Resolving Brain Damage with Glyphs

Resolving Brain Damage with GlyphsbyJean Logan

After the death of our border collie, Becky, our younger pooch Roscoe, a sprightly mixed hound, showed definite signs of loneliness. It was mid summer of 2004 when my former husband Dean and I adopted Jesse from the local Humane Society. Jessie is a medium sized black mixed breed dog, a little shar-pei, a little terrier and who knows what else, a bit smaller than our proud Roscoe so she would not dominate him. It has always been our policy to give a home to an unwanted animal rather than feed the interests of the pedigree market. Almost every dog we have adopted came from a traumatic existence of abuse and starvation and they come with their share of emotional and physical problems. We accept this as part of the package and work to resolve them as best we can. Becky had an illness that we could not resolve and we lost her at the early age of four. This did not discourage us from giving a home to another needy dog.

Roscoe was delighted with the playful companionship of feisty Jesse; however, one problem we immediately encountered with her was car sickness. As we often liked to take the dogs with us on short trips when we can, this became very distressing. Every time we drove even a short distance, she would get sick and start throwing up. Bach Flower remedies that were helpful with other dogs proved to be no help. It was about this time that I had started working with empowering symbols and glyphs. I tried creating one that was programmed to balance her equilibrium. This proved to be without any effect. I designed another one to emulate the frequency of a popular over-the-counter sea sickness medication. I had been successful in duplicating the energy of other different medications or herbs with glyphs on previous occasions; however, there is one notable difference. When a medication is taken orally, the frequency goes into the bloodstream and stays with the person until the body processes it out. With the glyph, the frequency is in the energy field and leaves quickly when the glyph is removed from the body. I could keep the glyph on Jesse as I held her in my lap and it seemed to help. When we started driving on a straight stretch of road, I put her in the back with Roscoe. She would then shake it or pull it off and start throwing up again within a short time. I then designed a second glyph to balance the equilibrium which also failed to achieve any results.

In total frustration I finally asked for guidance. (When will I ever learn to ask for guidance first?) I asked Source for help. I received the answer that Jesse had suffered brain damage from starvation and dehydration as a puppy. I was told she could be helped by creating a glyph designed to rebuild the area of her brain that had not developed normally. I was also told I must know the part of her brain that needed rebuilding to put in the wording of the program for the glyph. I then asked "How should I get that, dowse?" The answer I received was, "You could, but if you ask I will tell you." (A good lesson here again was the importance of asking for the information we want. Whenever we ask, we will always receive an answer.) I replied, "I am asking." I received a reply that the brain part that needed to be healed was the cerebellum. I then created a glyph to regenerate the undeveloped cerebellum and we empowered it. Dean scanned the glyph, cataloged it, designed the master catalog header and made patches to put on the dog. In the evening before she went to sleep, I taped the glyph on her crown chakra, which is located at the top of a dog’s head between their ears. The look on her face showed me that she was feeling something strange going on in her head but she had no problem going to sleep. The glyphs are never painful but do sometimes cause a sensation of something happening inside the body. We put the glyph on her every night for two weeks. After this two-week period we noticed a considerable improvement in her car sickness but still had an occasional occurrence of throwing up when riding on a winding mountain road. We then used the glyph on her for another two weeks. It has now been at least three years since she has had any problem with car sickness.

I did not put this glyph in my first book, “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs." I chose to present symbols that would help people on their path to evolve, resolve bacterial and viral illnesses and speed healing. I am not sure that I will put it in my next book either. The glyph that restored Jesse’s cerebellum must only be made available to persons who are of the highest integrity. It is not our place to restore brain damage without first seeking guidance regarding the path or soul journey of the person we are trying to help. We must not play God and alter someone's existence without first understanding what their agreement and choice was before they incarnated. I have a nephew who is retarded. I initially thought that perhaps I could help him. When I asked, I was informed that I must not interfere. He has chosen to be as he is and his soul path does not require any help. In all cases we must resist the temptation to “fix” someone and honor their path. It will take some further research to explore where we can take this ability, but we must proceed with caution and integrity, always asking for guidance from the highest source. I would like to hear from others regarding this type of work and I welcome the opportunity to work with people who are interested in this valuable research.

About the author:
About the Author - Jean Logan is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, has a doctorate in Holistic Nutritional Healing and is a student of many types of energy healing including Pranic Healing, Body Talk, Reiki and Emotional Thought Field Therapy. She is the author of the book “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs” and has been a conscious channel for many years. She is available for public speaking. Contact:


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Dave - June 20th 2009 07:15:39 AM
I find your story on Jesse quite compelling and know that the energy that creates worlds can also be used for healing with the animal kingdom which is so lovingly part of our universal energy. I have used glyphs on myself and have had amazing, powerful results, so I decided to try them on my parents' dog, Ginger, who is a rather large mixed breed, but a real wuss during a thuderstorm. She would normally not leave my side during a storm and would tremble even while petting. I used the glyph for fear, taping it to her forehead. Not only did she stop shaking, she went happily around the house, and I actually had forgotten about her until later I noticed the glyph still taped to her forehead! I used another glyph on Ginger when my parents went away for a long weekend. Ginger was beside herself with anguish and was wining profusely. I used the glyph for abandonment just to see if it would quiet her down. She was quiet for the rest of the night, and when I went upstairs where her sleeping area was, she was still sleeping with it next to her. I find that Jean's story about Jesse is quite dramatic compared to mine, but still it is so rewarding to see the miracle of healing working so consistently in the animal kingdom and to see the relief of pain that is possible with a little faith and a glyph.

- June 20th 2009 01:52:39 AM
"I welcome the opportunity to work with people who are interested in this valuable research" What you have produced is not research and you clearly do not know the meaning of the word.

Jean Logan - March 6th 2010 10:11:18 AM
I wish I could understand what you need. Lorcet plus is a prescription pain reliever that I can not help you with. If you are in pain, what is the cause of your pain?

Jean Logan - March 24th 2010 03:57:09 AM
You are right about the use of this glyph. It will be in my next book. I would like to hear more about your work.

Jean Logan - March 24th 2010 03:55:26 AM
You are right. When a therapy is not right for a person, it will not work or something will interrupt its' use. This glyph will be in my next book. I would like to hear more about your work.

Jean Logan - March 24th 2010 01:14:54 AM
This application of the glyphs is quite exciting but I am disappointed that the glyph for repairing the cerebellum is not in your book. In my astonished experience, when a particular therapy is not right for the situation or person, something will happen to interrupt the therapy - some piece of equipment will be lost or broken, a sense of resistance will be felt or the client will "forget" or reject the experience in some other way. People are very powerful in their ability to reject what we think is best for them or what is not currently right for them. I'd love to see an entire book of glyphs dedicated to healing the brain and the neurology. This year, my interest is in the glia, where seizures and tumors and much of what goes wrong in the brain arises. Thank you so much for your work.

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