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Triple Conjunction: Through the Lens of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology

Triple Conjunction:  Through the Lens of Shamanic Egyptian AstrologybyRuby Falconer

Shamanic Egyptian Astrology is a re-languaging of the ancient art of astrology. The result is a new perspective appropriate for a new age. Inherent in the myths and stories of shamanic Egypt is a description of our world as it existed before the shattering we collectively experienced many thousands of years ago. Encrypted in the language of western astrology is a description of the wounds we have suffered. Shamanic Egyptian Astrology is a powerful alchemical synthesis of the shamanic archetypal neters of ancient Egypt, their new evolutionary downloads and the ancient language of astrology.

The New King Horus, the hawk-headed god most associated with the principle of expansion (Jupiter), will come into relationship with Anubis, the Wounded Shaman (Chiron), and his mother Nepthys, the goddess of mystery hidden behind the veils (Neptune). A time of great healing is upon us.

In the myths and stories of ancient Egypt, as they have been passed to us by the Greek historians and scribes, Nepthys is often condemned for her perceived abandonment of her son Anubis. Anubis was born of an affair between Nepthys and Osiris, husband of Nepthys’ twin sister, Isis. Nepthys feared that her husband Set, the Warrior King, would kill Anubis and so she took him to the desert and left him there. Isis rescued her nephew and raised him as her son. Anubis, born of the underworld deities Nepthys and Osiris, is raised into the light by the solar goddess, Isis.

In western astrology Anubis is Chiron, a centaur also abandoned by his mother. Chiron grows up to be one of the most illumined beings on Mt. Olympus – a wise sage, strategian, teacher, herbalist, physician, astrologer and philosopher. Out of great wounding come great gifts. This is the message of Anubis / Chiron.

Anubis has been coming into a conjunction with his mother, Nepthys, over the last two months. They will be together on the 26th degree of Aquarius, from May 9 (the Scorpio New Moon) through June 20 (the Summer Solstice). Horus, Isis’ son by her husband Osiris and Anubis’ half-brother, swoops toward them, coming onto the 26th degree of Aquarius from May 20 through June 12. Horus will exactly align with Anubis on May 23 and with Nepthys on May 27. Nepthys turns retrograde on May 29; Anubis on May 30.

Ptah, the Shamanic Egyptian Astrological symbol for the sign Aquarius, creates the world lovingly from the words he speaks. We all have the opportunity to create a beautiful new vision, both for ourselves and for the world. We are in a time of great healing. Anubis is reunited with his birth mother. The old wounds of abandonment and pain can be released and all can open to a new vision of greater love and wisdom.

Great healing follows great pain. Anubis revealed himself to us in 1977 at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. Much suffering has been experienced on earth as a result of this pandemic. And, great healing has also come. Old wounds have been forgiven, old hurts released. Families have been reunited and many have reached out to those suffering in compassion and empathy. The healing has not been perfect, this is not a perfect world, but many have experienced first-hand Anubis’ great message – that when we are able to release the wounds of the past we are able to step forward into greater wholeness.

Each of us has a unique and wonderful opportunity during this portal of time from May 9 through June 20, and most particularly from May 23 through May 27, to release our suffering over our painful wounds of abandonment from the past. We have the opportunity to come into alignment with our soul, that wise and knowing aspect of our being that required this experience so as to move up to the next great step in its own evolution. In truth, we were never abandoned. We have always been held by the rainbow wings of the great mother, Isis.

About the author:
Ruby Falconer is the co-creator, with Linda Star Wolf, of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology. Their book, Shamanic Egyptian Astrology: A Language of Wholeness will be published by ITI / Bear & Co. in 2010. A professional astrologer since 1977, Ruby Falconer holistically integrates her extensive knowledge of astrology, psychology, mythology and metaphysics with a comprehensive understanding of shamanism and considerable talent as a storyteller.


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