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Maria Teresa reports after spending one month in Amazonia (Brazil):

Maria Teresa reports after spending one month in Amazonia  (Brazil):byMaria Teresa Valenzeula

Standing in the center of the lungs of our Madre Tierra, I witnessed the message: SHE IS ALIVE AND THRIVING - THE HUMAN RACE WILL NEVER BRING HER DOWN! AN INCREDIBLE FEMININE FORCE! So many important teachings were shared by this green-brown Mother, ever so present in the creative evolution of all species on her skin.

She is life-wild-destroyer-quiet-thriving-lushful-beautiful-healer-teacher-mother (the jungle or floresta). I came to fully understand in much deeper ways the Evolution of All Creation in which I call every species alive or dead her children - children even in spirit form. Why children? Because she continuously feeds us milk of her breast in different ways to birth or transform us.

Yes, continuous Evolution in Movement as:

The smallest insects that buzz their busy everyday conversations into your ear.
The mosquitoes in protecting their boundaries suddenly inject you with their medicine.
The spiders that unknowingly jump on your skin and use it as a walking landscape.
The thin long- legged spiders the size of one's hand, strolling on the cool earth.
The Cebia Trees, the tallest giants of these Brazilian lands, living in a collective intertwine with other trees and plants, thus keeping the evolution of communities moving from generation to generation.
Every leaf from every tree and plant is mindfully watching you.
Butterflies in many exotic colors in large family clusters gently flying before your presence as if to say hello or good morning.
Birds do their sacred spiral dances, singing loud and proud, talking to their neighbors across the path.
Gentle cool breezes giving relief to the hot humidity expelled from this loving organism.
Medicine plants EVERYWHERE - the Curandera of the world is so alive and present here with plants to heal all our ailments.
Pieces of dirt walked upon by many generations and decayed leaves clinging to your shoes.
Walking through a canopy of trees transforming themselves into beautiful temples where the spirit world of these lands can gather in their councils.
Fairy houses of many shapes with each house being completely individual.

Yes, theses lands of our ancestors are still very full of life and thriving for us and future generations.
Just like our ancestors, I also bathed every day in the cold, clear waters of the river and ate the fruit and potatoes grown from the dirt of these ancient lands. There was a deep silence of the past and present and what is to come - A voice proclaiming “A Knowing That I Am Home!”

Today, I find myself REMEMBERING all the teachings of this GREAT MOTHER who lives in the AMAZONIA. She is so open to share some of her wisdom with her children. I noticed that some of the people I was with experienced discomfort in breathing the thick, rich, pure oxygen(food) that our plant brothers and sisters all around us were so willing to share to have us just REMEMBER. Some experienced discomfort adapting to the species (brothers and sisters of these lands) that have been here since the start of time. The Hopi Prophecy came to mind - the white brother that wandered off to
the West- the Native Brother that stayed behind to be a good caretaker of the lands, people and medicines. The Inca Prophecy of the Military brother that was seduced by the Spaniard who was told to kill his brother Huascar, the medicine man who carried all the plants needed to heal his communities.

Yes, in many ways we have walked away and turned our backs from the Mother that cares and feeds us every day of our lives. The question I keep asking myself is “can this brother truly be able to return home and reintegrate everything he is leaving behind and survive or is he just returning home to her WOMB?”

On a deeper level, I also came to fully understand the duality of birth and death. Yes, this Organic Mother (the jungle) eats up everything that stands in her way to transform it. Nothing is static. I get a bit upset when people say "we are going to destroy the earth." She is so alive and in Full Movement. It is us human beings that will destroy ourselves with our lack of respect and responsibility for other species that coexist with us. She will swallow us up as decay and keep on with her creation. I really feel the Madre Tierra is not invested in our childish emotional ups and downs. She is interested in having ALL her children on this planet co-exist together.

Today many of our children have no KNOWING of where the food they eat comes from. They just know of going to the supermarkets and paying with dollars for the food that feeds their bodies. Today children do not know how to play on this beautiful mother's brow skin. Instead they play inside their homes with plastic, artificial machines, but in reality, who are the machines? Today people have so many allergies, illnesses, and fears. Sadly, many people would be so fearful of coming in contact with cold-clean waters of the veins (rivers) of our Mother. However, these same people are not afraid to drink or bathe in the contaminated waters we have created. Today people believe in the illusion of the material world. They eat and breathe these fantasies every day of their lives and are not willing to do their spiritual work.

We must look at the decaying part of the human being in order to transform it. The Maya Prophecy talks of the deep opportunity we are presently being given to move through Xibalba (our shadow). We cannot make movement without addressing this shadow. I told myself that we, as this human species,
are really in trouble. I am even distressed to find myself using the word HUMAN - a word to
elevate our species. We have conditioned ourselves to be like robots by breathing the contaminated air of our cities, eating contaminated food, and falling deaf to all life’s creations around us. The question before all of us is, “can we truly walk back into those communities which are full of pure, thick oxygen and every imaginable species? Can we live in full communion with each other? Can we swim in
her veins like children again and eat the pure food of her skin and drink the milk of her breast?”


At journey’s end, I came to the KNOWING that this is the time to be very PRESENT with oneself and in our daily lives, to be AWAKE, and to LIVE LIFE FULLY We are DYING and DECAYING and yet at the same time we are being given a tremendous opportunity to be REBORN. The REBIRTH IS NOW! We need to stop focusing on 2012. The work and focus is NOW, by returning to the KNOWING and REMEMBERING.

Muchas Bendiciones y Corazones Milliones

About the author:
Maria Teresa is an indigenous spiritual teacher and healer from an enduring lineage of shamanic healers and curanderos in the Sierra Madre of Chihuahua, Mexico. Taught the shamanic medicine way by her grandmother and father, she brings to her work a wealth of knowledge in Meso-American wisdom, myths, and traditional forms of indigenous medicine and healing. Drawing on her indigenous heritage, career as a registered nurse, life experiences, and traditional training as a “Mujer de la Medicina,” Maria Teresa serves as a unique bridge across traditions and cultures. She travels throughout the United States, Mexico, and Central America sharing her healing gifts and wisdom. Learn about her upcoming workshops


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