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Dark Healing

Dark Healingbya little hollow bone


I talked for years about The Light, ignoring The Dark rather than embrace it. Eventually Spirit lent a hand and gave me a dark year. What emerged was a deeply healing practice, new to me. It is dark healing.


Perhaps the primary “skill” needed to perform dark healing is a grounding in unconscious precognition. It is an example of the statement that life is lived forwards, but understood backwards. In the very first Oz story this is described as:

“Things get started early so they will be done in time for when they are supposed to happen later.”

The statement above is an example of physicist John Bell's theorem of non-local causality and entangled systems. Actions in an entangled system will cause an effect at a distant place (time), instantaneously! This is “reverse causality”: Alice needs (will need) a healing in July, so Bob (for no reason he can offer) collects an herb in April, dries it, and lets it sit on the shelf until he realizes in July (when the herb can no longer be found) that it is what will cure Alice.

A dark healing is best understood backwards because as the events unfold, they have no “gestalt” and no meaning. The further into the past that you look, the more “backwards” events there are (will be) in the future that “strengthen” the dark healing Spirit is using you for.

2007 The shaman’s “bad year” begins
-90 days Purchase copper nugget
-10 days Compose melody for “Voodoo”
-2 days Lyrics for “Voodoo” pop into head
-20 min Realize lyrics describe client’s addiction
0 Client confirms drugs in song; feels better!
Journey Additional information given

You can see two things in the timeline.

Dark healing demands dark experience. It is related to the Japanese proverb, “Those with the same disease share sympathy.” The dark healer is unaware of the causes that have affected (will affect) his or her life. The dark shaman may think they have been cursed, or are unlucky. However, as one grows as a healer, the healing path travels from The Light into The Darkness.

Second, the dark healing must stay below the level of consciousness to allow the client’s permission to be revoked up until the very last instant before the healing takes place. Until the client grants permission, no action has actually been taken. The dark healing happens instantly when the client gives permission for the journey. The journey may add details. In this case, the client's spirit was covered with black bat-like creatures sucking out their energy and that the client had lost the crystal they had been given a year ago. After the journey, the client confirmed these facts, saying that the oppression seemed to be like a succubus, and that yes, they had lost the crystal.


Central to dark healing is a strong identification with the client. Becoming both the client and the spirit of their addiction is wild and wooly, and one of the best ways to experience it is through music. Prior to the healing I composed a melody that was edgy and pretty and a little dark. When the invitation was given to join in the client’s healing, the lyrics came to mind.

You put a spell on me.
Why can't you let me be?

Little bit of snake venom,
Little drop of bat blood,
Little shred of corpse skin,
Little tiny lizard tongue.

Yuck. Very unappetizing. Shakespeare's three crones could have used this. But, it is metaphorical, and carries a message about addiction


A few minutes before the healing session I realized that this was a song about addiction to a drug whose spirit was female. Like a woman scorned (or abused), her spirit was intent on destroying the client. I knew what questions to ask the client to see if this was a true insight. The client confirmed it. They were beset by things that drained them (a succubus). The client used multiple substances, but the primary one was a female plant spirit.

Everything that I needed to do had been done. I gave the client their Gifts of Empowerment: a crystal (to replace the one they lost), a copper nugget (for joint problems; remember that I had bought it three months earlier), and a CD containing the song Voodoo.

The power song with the creepy vocals gave them power over the addiction. Knowing what the spirit of an addiction is doing lets you defeat it. Knowing that the substance is not your Higher Power lets you find a better Power in times of stress. And knowing that someone else knows what it is like keeps you from feeling alone.


I never expected to practice dark healing. I thought it was dabbling in some kind of black magic. That is not true. It is simply part of being human. Lakota Holy Man, Chief Frank Fools Crow, says:

“The greatest and the only lasting privilege we have is that in spite
of some of the things we think, say and do, the Powers and their
Helpers are still willing to work through us. What could be greater
than to be Wakan-Tanka's mind, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, arms,
hands, legs and feet here on earth?”

About the author:

"a little hollow bone" is a scientist trained in core shamanism and soul retrieval by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. After that he let Spirit guide his shamanic pathway. Much of what he has learned is told in stories about Oz at, where healings take place (for free) at The Friendly House in the woods, and your Power Animal might turn up if you are not in a hurry. Those who seek “bone” out always teach him something new. His clients are his gift from Spirit.


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Shamanic Healing - June 30th 2010 11:09:22 PM
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