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An important part in any healing is an energetic cleansing of the person's body energy or Aura. The Shamans of the Andes believe that each of us have two poles, the North Pole, above our head, and the South Pole, below our feet.

There are electro-magnetic currents that stream constantly from one side to the other, creating an energetic elliptical shield all around each person. It is the same role our atmosphere plays in protecting the Earth.

They believe that in order to preserve our health we need, periodically, to cleanse that shield from negative energy pollution, and to suck out all negative energies that were absorbed into our bodies.

Some healers burn tobacco, sage or other aromatic trees, plants or minerals.

The smoke summons, they believe, the spirits and transports the bad energy up to the sky to be dispersed.

Some use sugar cane rum to ionize and balance the environment surrounding the person, some use feathers to remove stagnant energy, herbal teas for their aroma, water for purification and salt to absorb negative energy.

Most important is the ability of the Shaman to interact with spirits on behalf of his client.

In my practice I regularly consult not only with my spirit guides but also with other spirits that are brought by the clients. They provide me with important information regarding my clients and thus help in the healing.

Sometimes malevolent spirits which are harming a patient must be removed. We call this Soul Extraction and it is more common than you might think. Here is one example:

A young actress came to me recently as result of her relationship breakdown. She was depressed, angry and frustrated for having another failed love story.

On her third visit, as I started the cleansing ceremony, I saw right under her solar plexus something I had never seen before. It was a dark small creature. His face was of a monkey with an eagle's beak and the legs of a rooster. There was true evil in his eyes.

Although I never believed in the existence of evil I could recognize it.

My body shook. I knew I had to extract it at once. I started removing him using all of the tools I know, including burning fire, rubbing eggs and green leaves on her body and encouraging her to scream loudly. With specific chants I chased the monkey demon out of her body and when I was sure it was gone I finished with a long protection ceremony.

When I told my client of what had just happened, she traced this evil entity to her old boyfriend and then to her father, wwhom she considered from her very early childhood to be a bad person. This gave us an opportunity to discuss deeper family issues she was not willing to talk about earlier.

The next day from his boat on the Rio Negro in the Amazon my Brazilian shaman friend and teacher Ipupiara called me. He said "Oh this demon in the woman is the Acura" and instructed me how to continue treatment for this young woman.

He said it is known that the Acuras don't like plants and green leaves as they feed on darkness and death. When I relayed this information to my client she said she hates plants and the color green too...

We did three more ceremonies using lots of green plants and rubbing a green candle over her body. After the second treatment she went and bought a few plants for her apartment and loved them.

Here is what she wrote to me after the last session: "You can't even believe what has been happening to me. I am evolving so quickly and processing so many emotions that I'm like a roller coaster, but it's beautiful and exciting and at the end of each day I feel closer and closer to inner peace. The love is just pouring out of me I want to smile and hug everyon even strangers! I'm out of control with love and light. I love it."

Another example of Soul Extraction concerns a man who chain-smoked three packs a day. During his healing ceremony the spirit of his grandfather, who perished in the holocaust and also smoked, shot up to the sky from his back and left his body.

I also worked with a dancer whose elbow was crushed in a car accident so that he was unable to move and stretch his hand. As I rubbed an egg on his elbow to absorb negative energy that concentrated there, the egg exploded. The next day the hand returned to almost full use.

I believe that it is essential for us to practice regular cleansing ceremonies to eliminate negative energies that surround us.

Here are some things you can do at home:

Burn sage around your body and your home. Rub your hands with rough sea salt when they are sweaty and after a social function. When taking a shower, pour water using the palm of your hand, six times over your left shoulder and six times over your right shoulder, and do it with pure concentration and intention. Or simply take a sea Salt bath.

Remember prevention is the best remedy for any sickness!

About the author:
Itzhak Beery, is a shamanic healer and workshop leader. He was initiated into the ancient Inka healing tradition by an Ecuadorian Yachak and a Shaoré from the Brazilian Amazon. He also studied, with Ipupiara and Cleicha as well as other shamans from Ecuador, Peru and the United States. He is a co-founder of the NY Shamanic Circle, and a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.


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PA - May 20th 2010 11:53:05 PM
Well written and informational to all practicing shamans - thank you

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