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Sacred Travel- Practical Shamanism for Your Vacations and Vision Quests ebook

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Are you an energetically sensitive or spiritually-inclined person? If you answered “yes”, then this guide can make the difference between an exhausting marathon and a dream vacation.

Imagine yourself hiking to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu, greeting the dawn from the center of Stonehenge, or standing a foot away from the lava flow in Hawaii. An understanding of shamanic practices can make these experiences so much richer. Learn how to find the unmarked places along the road, where deep healing, wisdom, and gifts are offered.

• Connect more deeply to the land while traveling or at home.
• Meet the guardians of the land and invite their protection.
• Deepen your energetic perception and discernment
• Experience the essence of the land more profoundly when you travel

Katie Weatherup lives in San Diego and works with clients throughout the world. More information about her practice is available on her website at

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