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Shamanic Tracking and Munay Ki Rites in Chaco Canyon and Hopi

Start date: August 6th, 2010
End date: August 13th, 2010
Region: Southwest
Location: Chaco Canyon, Hopi Reservation, Munay Ki Rites, Sh


Come join us on this wonderful trip to Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Chaco Canyon was the most important Spiritual Site to the Ancient People in all of North American. Thousands of Ancient Peoples would come as far as Central America to come and worship in this place of magic and natural vortex ley lines.

We will be studying Shamanic Tracking of Ancient Ley Lines, Explore and Listen to Ancient Voices of the Mystic Kiva's that lay within this Ancient Valley. We will be talking to the bones, tracking shamanic ancestors past lines, and walk the sacred medicine wheel circle and ceremony inside the canyon.

Learn to work with the Sun Transmission and Sun Stones to take in the Ancient Information that lies within this area. As we get ready to pass into the 5th gate, that holds the frequency vibrations through the tracking of the 2012 Energy that the Maya's speak of. Maya and Hopi believe they are one people. They openly raise their heads and energy bodies to the sun to hold these sacred rites. Learn how to do these ancient Ceremonies. The First Four of the Munay Ki Rites will be given here for those who filled called to do so.

We will then travel to Hopi. The land of the Earth Keepers. We will be given a guided tour of the Migrations Canyons, walk through the Ancient Village of Walpi, see the Snake Altar of the Hopi Snake Dance and Kiva area, that is still in use today. The Hopi are the time keepers of this 4th world, holding space as we move into the 5th world. Hear the Hopi tell their stories. You'll also have the opportunity to buy Hopi Pottery, Jewelry and Kachina's directly from the Hopi Artist themselves. The 5 other Munay Ki Rites will be given here if you have received the other four at Chaco.

We will also be stopping in a Native Navajo Village to buy Native Crafts and Art along the way.

Please call ahead to reserve your space on this trip, as space is very limited.

Please contact Marza @ 530 263 7988 or write for a PDF Flyer of the event for times and cost.

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