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Is this something big?

Region: Finland
Location: Helsinki, Uusimaa



I am a boy from Finland, 17 years old.

There's something that happened last saturday week ago. I was very messed up, i hadn't had sleep for two days, and i went to see my sister for her birthday... Finally i got into my sister's apartment, where i spoke with her boyfriend... After we spoke, he told me to go to sleep, and i went to it... Well... Soon i took all my clothes off without knowing the real reason, and i went at the window, and her boyfriend said it was shaman-singing... I also made some animal-sounds... They just came naturally... And i did a shaman-recognizing-test, i got A, F, G (drowning almost) amd K and 9-10 from 10 personality-things... So i wish somebody would take me contact so i would learn big things for my life... Thank you!

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