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Modern Shamanism Course

Start date: October 1st, 2011
End date: December 31st, 2020
Region: Nationwide
Location: Worldwide


The Modern Shamanism online course is designed to be a comprehensive introduction to the practice of Modern Shamanism. All aspects of the shaman’s work will be addressed. Each element of the course is clearly explained and accompanied by daily activities. These activities allow for the “hands on” practice of shamanism, the development of the core skills befitting that practice, and the rudiments that lead to mastery.

The year-long course is divided into 4 levels, and each level is comprised of 12 weeks. The weekly themes and daily activities build cumulatively to reinforce the concepts. In addition, audio and/or video materials augment most day’s lessons.

The Modern Shamanism course is the core of the practice, but it is within the community that participants come together to share and grow as a collective. The Modern Shamanism community is designed to provide a space for continued learning and practice, both virtually and in local groups. The community is a place of openness to humanity, custom, culture and tradition. We use the shamanic discipline to distill what is best in us and to further our capacity to live with authenticity, heart, possibility and a sense of connection to life itself.

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