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Shaman News

I'm A Celebrity, Get Me In Here! David Beckham and his best friend prove to be forest fans...

IFormer footballer David Beckham has paid a visit to the Yanomami tribe in Brazil as part of a new TV documentary.The 38-year-old football icon was joined by one of his closest frie... More

Two-spirit: Beyond sex and gender

Two-spirit: Beyond sex and genderLGBT: it’s an arrangement of letters that many of us have seen before, but for those who are unfamiliar with it, the acronym stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. A... More

NASO powwow unites tribes, traditions

NASO powwow unites tribes, traditionsSeated in a circle, men chant lyrics and drum rhythms in remarkable unison, echoing ancestors who did the same thing centuries before. People of all ages wearing colorful shawls an... More

Indonesia candidates turn to shamans for election boost

Indonesia candidates turn to shamans for election boostin this election, in the form of spiritual advisors. Ki Joko Panjihamijoyo, a Javanese shaman, was once the spiritual advisor to the king of Solo but today, the 67-year-old provide... More

Drink a cup of bitter gourd juice and shut up

Drink a cup of bitter gourd juice and shut upNearly all of us can go back in history and find a Native American in our family tree — a great grandmother or great, great aunt or somebody. When early settlers arrived in the U... More

Medicine Men, Machetes and Centuries of Healing

Medicine Men, Machetes and Centuries of HealingMark Plotkin is president of the Amazon Conservation Team, which works with local indigenous peoples to protect the rainforest. This article is adapted from an article for the Skol... More

South African traditional medicine comes under the microscope

South African traditional medicine comes under the microscopeAfter decades in the shadows, South Africa's traditional “sangoma” healers are modernising and becoming big business, raising questions about the need for strict regulation.“... More

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Wisdom Keeper of The Month

Frank Fools Crow Oglala Lakota

Frank Fools Crow Oglala Lakota by

Frank Fools Crow was a Lakota Sioux spiritual leader, Yuwipi medicine man and the nephew of Black Elk. He was instrumental in negotiating the end of the insurrection at Wounded Knee
in 1973. Born on the Pine Ridge Reservation near Wounded Knee in South Dakota, he quit school in the third grade so he could work in order to help to support his family. As a young man he traveled around the United States with the Buffalo Bill Cody Wild West Show, and in 1983, he presented the fifth and current Chief Illiniwek Indian regalia to the University of Illinois.

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Book of The Month

Ritual Encounters: Otavalan Modern and Mythic Community

By Michelle Wibbelsman

Ritual Encounters: Otavalan Modern and Mythic Community by Michelle WibbelsmanThis book examines ritual practices and public festivals in the Otavalo and Cotacachi areas of northern Andean Ecuador's Imbabura province. Otavaleños are a unique group in that they maintain their traditional
identity but also cultivate a cosmopolitanism through frequent international travel. Rituals have persisted among this ethnic community as important processes for symbolically capturing and critically assessing cultural changes in the face of modern influences. Ritual Encounters thus offers an appreciation of the modern and mythic community as a single and emergent condition.

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Film of The Month

Visit to a Chief's Son

By Lamont Johnson

Visit to a ChiefAn anthropologist (Richard Mulligan) takes his son with him on an African safari to view the secret rituals of the Massai tribe. Unexpectedly, the tribe will teach his aloof son important
and humanizing lessons about life.Starring: Richard Mulligan, Johnny Sekka

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