Shaman Portal Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How can I post my listing?
  • A: Listing is very easy in our Activities, Resources and Community sections: just click on the "ADD NEW LISTING" button, and fill out all the required information. In the Activities and Resources sections you can include one photo with your posting. Posting to the Resources and Community sections is FREE of charge. Each post to the Activities section costs $10.
  • Why can't I see the Activity post I just posted? I paid for it.
  • A: There may be few reasons:
    1. Did you post the activity under the correct geographical area? If your activity will take place in Africa, be sure to choose ďAfricaĒ when prompted to Select a Location. The post will then appear under this subcategory of the Activities section.
    2. Please be sure that the Start Date is later than the date you are posting and that the End Date is later than the Start Date.
  • Q: Why can't I see the Activity post I just posted? I paid for it.
  • A: We reserve the right to remove any posts that do not adhere to our policies:
    1. Activities: Each post is for ONE EVENT only. Do not post your entire yearly calendar on one listing.
    2. Resources: Each post must fall under the resource subcategories. No spam, activities and events are allowed.
    3. Community: Free listings open to all.
      • Free Events: Are for truly free events, we check your websites to see if you charge for the event you post.
      • Shamanic Circles: For ongoing Circles only. Your title should say Shamanic Circle and your location.
      • Community Outreach and Volunteering: No commercial events or announcements are permitted.
    4. Please help us keep the highest level of integrity in our listings.
  • Q: How can I edit an old post?
  • A: After you finish posting, you will receive an automatic response email with an EDIT link. Keep it for future editing. If you lose it, let us know your post ID# and we will send you a link.
  • Q: Why didnít I receive a confirmation after I posted?
  • A: The confirmation email, which includes the Edit link, is delivered to the email address you listed on your post.
  • Q: How can I advertise my services on ShamanPortal?
  • A: There are few ways you can let the world know about your work -
    • Become a sponsor. We have three levels of sponsorship: Fire, Water and Air. Each level represents a different package of advertising opportunities throughout our site. We also feature sponsors in our biweekly newsletter - which reaches 10,000 readers - and strategic positioning on each page of our listings.
    • Purchase our Premium Banner, which runs across the top of our site. Contact us for pricing details.
    • Post your activities, list yourself as a resource, add your website or blog links, and send us an article, lecture or video for our consideration.
  • Q: Why I should advertise on ShamanPortal?
  • A: ShamanPortal reaches over 83,000 people a month from 168 countries worldwide. Our visitors and subscribers are motivated to connect with like-minded people and organizations - those who care about the environment, holistic health, spirituality, and the wisdom of indigenous peoples. Advertising on ShamanPortal provides a unique platform to connect with them.
  • Q: How can I recommend a Book or Film of the month?
  • A: If you would like us to review and consider your book or DVD to the &BOOK OF THE MONTH& and &FILM OF THE MONTH&. Please mail us the actual book or DVD to: Shaman Portal, 214 Sullivan Street, Suite 2A New York, NY 10012 -- Please note: Material will not be returned.
  • Q: I've lost my password and username and I canít log on to the Talking Stick Forum. What do I do?
  • A: Let us know and we will look for your information in our database. If we canít find it, we will let you know and you should re-register under a new username.