The history of a medicine man

 The history of a medicine manRichard Joaquin was born in 1946 into the Gila River Indian Community, one of four federally recognized tribes of the Tohono O’odham Indian Community (Salt River, Ak-Chin and the Tohono O’odham Nation are the other three.) At one time, the Tohono O’odham community covered a large portion of the southwestern region of the United States and northern parts of Mexico.

Report: 14 Shamans Killed in Loreto Region

Report: 14 Shamans Killed in Loreto RegionPeru’s government said Tuesday that 14 shamans in the country’s north-eastern jungle region of Loreto have been murdered in the past 20 months, newspaper La Republica reported.
Deputy Intercultural Minister Vicente Otta Rivera said the murders occurred in the Balsa Puerto district, near Yurimaguas in the Alto Amazonas province.

Lock of hair pins down early migration of Aborigines

Lock of hair pins down early migration of AboriginesA lock of hair has helped scientists to piece together the genome of Australian Aborigines and rewrite the history of human dispersal around the world.
DNA from the hair demonstrates that indigenous Aboriginal Australians were the first to separate from other modern humans, around 70,000 years ago.

Corn rich in variety

Corn rich in varietyIt’s fair time — After showing your livestock it’s unusual food time — mostly fried, like Twinkies and funnel cakes. A newie lately is bacon dipped in chocolate.
Still, the one food that most of us have at the fair (as well as at home) is — corn on the cob covered with melted butter and whatever else is available.

Who Made That Hudson’s Bay Blanket?

Who Made That Hudson’s Bay Blanket?The multistripe Hudson’s Bay point blanket (also referred to as the Glacier National Park Blanket and the Chief Blanket) follows a very simple aesthetic pattern: green stripe, red stripe, yellow stripe and indigo stripe on a white background, mirrored on the top and bottom of each blanket. Lately, that recognizable motif has adorned a number of items from travel mugs to boots to Swiss Army knives to snow boards. The versatility of the pattern is a testament to the endurance of that basic color combination.