Ancient ritual dies with shaman

Ancient ritual dies with shamanAN ANCIENT ritual worshipping Kanchenjunga, the world's third-highest mountain, has ended.
The indigenous Lepcha people of Sikkim, in remote northeast India, paid homage to the Himalayan peak for hundreds of years in an annual ceremony led by direct descendants of the original "bongthing" or priest.
But the death of the tribe's last priest Samdup Taso, 83, has left the Lepchas without a spiritual leader to offer prayers to the mountain, which is revered as Sikkim's guardian deity, the Times of India reported.

Evidence of Noah's Ark in French Cave!

Evidence of NoahThe Chauvet Cave in France's Ardeche Valley has a 35,000 year old mural which displays a story of animals parading from an Ark-like hatch. The 'unnatural' procession of carnivores and herbivores seem mesmerized, possibly preoccupied with their assigned task to repopulate the earth. Tangent art has butterflies and insects, representing the balance of fauna life (Genesis 8:19). Magical Chauvet overlooks the Pont d'Arc (Rainbow Bridge), the tallest natural bridge in Europe. God pledged a 'Rainbow Covenant' in Genesis 9:13- never again to flood the earth again. Enjoy the art!

Canoe landing and procession kick off Native American convention as participants embrace rain

Canoe landing and procession kick off Native American convention as participants embrace rainWhile some Portlanders dashed to their cars and huddled under awnings to avoid the rain Sunday afternoon, members of the National Congress of American Indians took the steady drops as a sign their ancestors were shedding tears of joy.
More than 250 Native Americans from around the Pacific Northwest gathered at the waterfront in downtown Portland for the ceremonial landing of four canoes carrying members of the Grande Ronde, Warm Springs and Cowlitz tribes as a kick-off for the 68th annual Northwest Congress of American Indians taking place this week at the Oregon Convention Center.

The Red Road Is the Right Path

The Red Road Is the Right PathThe physical scars from two head-on car collisions are no longer the first thing you notice when you meet him. You first take note of the keen sense of humor he uses to manage the numerous volunteers working at his council’s sobriety pow wow. He is clad in jeans, a gustoweh (a northeast woodlands traditional headdress) of hawk feathers, and one of his several exquisitely tailored ribbon shirts. When asked about the scars, though, he says, “Actually, you could discover scars all over my entire body.” And then he laughs.

Lakota Tribes "Refuse to Cooperate" With Tar Sands Proponents

Lakota Tribes "Refuse to Cooperate" With Tar Sands ProponentsThe Keystone XL pipeline and a message from indigenous resistance.

As people gather to protest the greed and corruption of Wall Street in downtown Manhattan and throughout the world, the territories of indigenous peoples and nations have been the front lines of this conflict for a long, long, time.