A dream from the dead in Tanjung Maju

A dream from the dead in  Tanjung MajuIn the rapoh ritual, the skulls and bones of the dead are moved from one final resting place to another. It is rarely done — perhaps once in a hundred years, according to those who live in Tanjung Maju, about a seven-hour drive from Pontianak. The story begins with Eduardus Beda, 48, who said that he had been plagued by dreams where he continually met the same unknown figure.

How a shaman transformed my schizophrenic son

How a shaman transformed my schizophrenic sonAt the age of 17, after a wonderful summer of fishing and learning to surf, my son, then in his junior year at a Boston high school, told me one afternoon, "I don't know what's happening, I can't find my old self again." Shortly thereafter, Franklin had to be hospitalized. The evaluation described an "increase in psychotic symptoms, including paranoid thoughts, command hallucinations telling him to hurt himself." These things were "associated with the onset of schizophrenia."

Sangoma's vision leads KZN premier to ask Zuma for 'mass grave' probe

SangomaKwaZulu-Natal premier Senzo Mchunu relied only on a sangoma's "vision" for his shock announcement about the existence of a "mass grave" on the South Coast. Now the premier, armed with Bongekile "Mshanyelo" Nkomo's tale of "restless spirits", has asked President Jacob Zuma to authorise an investigation into the "mass grave", where hundreds of prison labourers are believed to have been buried.

Do Indians Have Sex? In Search of Native Love Medicine

Do Indians Have Sex? In Search of Native Love MedicineWhy do we never see these expressions of sex, love and romance? Yes there is Indian Love Medicine, we all know it when we find it but to search for it, well you better have excellent bush skills—as in tracking skills. You can find Indian Love Medicine in many forms. Just be careful, because there’s all kinds of snags out there: the tipi creepers, the rez honey badgers, the pow wow romeos, the buffalo humpers, the beaver skinners and the big bear women.

Fire in the sky: The southern lights in Indigenous oral traditions

Fire in the sky: The southern lights in Indigenous oral traditionsParts of Australia have been privileged to see dazzling lights in the night sky as the Aurora Australis – known as the southern lights – puts on a show this year. A recent surge in solar activity caused spectacular auroral displays across the world. While common over the polar regions, aurorae are rare over Australia and are typically restricted to far southern regions, such as Tasmania and Victoria.