Tribe shows way to save rare dolphins

Tribe shows way to save rare dolphinsThe Tagbanua people may be obscure and small, but their indigenous practices could pull Irrawaddy dolphins in Malampaya Sound in Palawan back from the brink of extinction.

Community members go after 'witches'

Community members go after Soshanguve community members are expected to appear in the Pretoria North Magistrate's Court on Monday after allegedly burning the houses of three women thought to be involved in witchcraft.

Your Brain on Fiction

Your Brain on FictionAMID the squawks and pings of our digital devices, the old-fashioned virtues of reading novels can seem faded, even futile. But new support for the value of fiction is arriving from an unexpected quarter: neuroscience.

Shamanism Approved as a Religion in Norway

Shamanism Approved as a Religion in NorwayThis is the first time that Shamanism has been officially recognized as a religion in Norway. According to TV2, director Lone Ebeltoft in the newly founded Shamanic Federation welcomed the governor's decision and expressed her ambition to preserve and continue the shamanistic traditions and practices in the country.

Bolivia coca judge defends divination technique

Bolivia coca judge defends divination techniqueA Bolivian judge has rejected calls to resign after he admitted "reading" coca leaves to help him make decisions.
Judge Gualberto Cusi - who is from the indigenous Aymara community - said he used the traditional divination technique to help guide his judgement.