'They're killing us': world's most endangered tribe cries for help

Logging companies keen to exploit Brazil's rainforest have been accused by human rights organisations of using gunmen to wipe out the Awá, a tribe of just 355. Survival International, with backing from Colin Firth, is campaigning to stop what a judge referred to as 'genocide'

How Psychedelic Drugs Can Help Patients Face Death

How Psychedelic Drugs Can Help Patients Face DeathPam Sakuda was 55 when she found out she was dying. Shortly after having a tumor removed from her colon, she heard the doctor’s dreaded words: Stage 4; metastatic. Sakuda was given 6 to 14 months to live.

‘John of God’ cures thousands in Brazil

‘John of God’ cures thousands in BrazilEvery week using mainly his hands but also armed with scissors, a knife and scalpel, Joao Teixeira de Faria, a self-styled Brazilian medium and “psychic surgeon,” treats thousands of sick people who claim to be cured.

'Masters of Chaos' rule over Paris tribal art museum

Chaos and man's attempts to tame it are at the heart of a spectacular new show at Paris' museum of tribal arts that pits voodoo and shamanic artefacts alongside the work of contemporary artists.

The mystery of deer stones remains unsolved

The mystery of deer stones remains unsolvedHave you ever traveled to the Mongolian countryside? If so, you probably have seen many standing stones dotting the vast steppe. These are called Bugan chuluu (deer stones), ancient megaliths carved with flying deer, or so it is said.
Most deer stones stand behind ancient graves; it is believed that stones are the guardians of the dead.