India's top court bans tourism near Andaman tribe

IndiaNEW DELHI (AP) — India's Supreme Court has banned all commercial and tourism activity near an ancient tribe's habitat in the country's remote Andaman and Nicobar islands in the Indian Ocean.

Tribal trepidation over Amazon highway

Tribal trepidation over Amazon highwayThe 200km road would pass through the Alto Purús national park in Peru, connecting a remote area to the outside world but opening up the most biologically and culturally important area of the upper Amazon to logging, mining and drug trafficking. Opponents of the plan fear it will threaten the existence of uncontacted tribes such as the Mashco-Piro.

Brazil tribes occupy contentious dam site

Brazil tribes occupy contentious dam siteAltamira, Brazil - A cluster of 12 men from the Xikrin tribe chant in their native language while marching together, arms interlocked, stomping their feet against the dry red dirt. They say this is their call of resistance from the Amazon.

Shamans of the modern age

Shamans of the modern ageColorful flags snapped in the sea breeze as more than a dozen Korean shamans, dressed in bright colors, danced and chanted prayers in front of a huge cow's head stuck to a trident.

Ecuador hospital offers indigenous Andean treatments

Ecuador hospital offers indigenous Andean treatmentsA hospital in Riobamba, Ecuador, offers patients traditional indigenous Andean medicine alongside Western treatments.
When a patient arrives they are asked what beliefs they have - and then if appropriate they are referred to a "yachak" (or shaman) instead of a conventional doctor.
The traditional treatments offered include "limpias" or spiritual cleansing treatments, which are meant to clean the patient's aura.