Meet the last members of Bolivia's disappearing indigenous tribe

Meet the last members of BoliviaTwo hundred years ago, the Pacahuara tribe was one of the main indigenous groups in Bolivia.
But in a few years their language and culture could vanish forever as the last members of the tribe die out without having passed their knowledge on to a new generation.

Costa Rican Tribe's Traditional Medicines Get A Modern Media Makeover

Costa Rican TribeWhen the Terraba tribe in Costa Rica rallied to oppose a hydroelectric dam they feared would destroy their land and their centuries-old culture, the indigenous community took a modern approach.
They linked up with journalism students at Elon University in North Carolina, who built a website describing the tribe's way of life, including how it makes use of medicinal plants.

Chitungwiza Blast: SOS sent to Makandiwa

Chitungwiza Blast: SOS sent to MakandiwaCHITUNGWIZA Some Zengeza residents on Tuesday begged the popular Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa to dispose of the clay pot that remained unaffected by the mysterious blast that claimed five lives in the area on Monday afternoon.

'Human safaris' to end for Andaman tribe

 Human safaris to see the Jarawa tribe of the Andaman Islands have finally come to an end as the authorities there bow to domestic and international pressure.

Mass Human Sacrifice? Pile of Ancient Skulls Found

Mass Human Sacrifice? Pile of Ancient Skulls FoundArchaeologists have unearthed a trove of skulls in Mexico that may have once belonged to human sacrifice victims. The skulls, which date between A.D. 600 and 850, may also shatter existing notions about the ancient culture of the area.