Russia: Siberian shaman prays for Olympic luck

Russia: Siberian shaman prays for Olympic luckA shaman in a remote Siberian village has been broadcast on national TV performing traditional rituals to bring luck to the Russian Olympic team, it appears.

'ARA Gut': South Korea roots move dancer Dohee Lee

South Korea's Jeju Island has a rich tradition of shamanism - but growing up there, Dohee Lee didn't know this. Her father was in the South Korean military. The family relocated to a base on the mainland when Lee was 7. Lee's Christian parents didn't want her to learn about the shamans, who act as intermediaries between human beings and the spirits; they didn't even want their daughter to dance, so Lee took classes in secret until age 16.


TWO SPIRITS POWWOWBay Area American Indians Two-Spirits (BAAITS) welcomes you to the 3rd annual Two-Spirit Powwow. The BAAITS powwow is a celebration of the diverse Native populations that live in and around the Bay Area. Many visitors from different tribal nations across the country will also be in attendance. There will be dancing, drumming, and singing throughout the day.

Appeals court: Indian inmate can use sweat lodge

Appeals court: Indian inmate can use sweat lodgeA federal appeals court says a judge in Wyoming was wrong to dismiss a Northern Arapaho man's lawsuit claiming state prison officials violated his religious rights by denying him access to a sweat lodge in prison.

Members of Butchulla tribe march for recognition

Members of Butchulla tribe march for recognitionTRADITIONAL owners of the Maryborough land held a march on Sunday to celebrate and recognise their heritage.
Members of the Butchulla tribe walked to Ululah Lagoon to celebrate their elders.
Butchulla traditional owner Roderick Tobane said his ancestors returned to the Fraser Coast after being taken from their families.