Hmong Funeral Home: A change of spiritual address

Hmong Funeral Home: A change of spiritual addressHmong shaman Mai Yang, of Maplewood, began a ceremony to communicate with spirits inside the Hmong Funeral Home. She struck a gong to persuade them to leave the building because it will soon be demolished. Craig O’Brien of the Office of Planning and Economic Development is behind her.

A shaman performed a ceremony to coax souls from the building in St. Paul and prepare it for its next life.

The healing power of medicine dolls

The healing power of medicine dollsSeveral months ago, the city-owned art gallery in South Norfolk launched a project to help nine Oscar Smith Middle School students cope with acute emotional stress and deep trauma in their lives.

The boys and girls, ages 10 to 13, were encouraged to find healing by crafting ancient medicine dolls known as shaman.

Colombia's Cofan still fighting for survival

ColombiaAlthough he is only 21, Camilo Yoge has seen his indigenous tribe lose its culture, territory and traditions.

Yoge, a member of the Cofan tribe, has seen farmers, ranchers and oilmen invade his ancestral lands to plant illegal coca crops, raise cattle and search for oil. He has seen many young Cofan take to wearing Western-style clothes, listening to popular music and abandoning their native language for Spanish.

"We're losing out traditional dress, our environment," lamented Yoge, who is studying to become a taita, or shaman. "We are no longer free in our own territory."

Researchers open secret cave under Mexican pyramid

 Researchers open secret cave under Mexican pyramidArcheologists are opening a cave sealed for more than 30 years deep beneath a Mexican pyramid to look for clues about the mysterious collapse of one of ancient civilization's largest cities.
The soaring Teotihuacan stone pyramids, now a major tourist site about an hour outside Mexico City, were discovered by the ancient Aztecs around 1500 AD, not long before the arrival of Spanish explorers to Mexico

Dwindling penguins signal ocean woes

 Dwindling penguins signal ocean woes The dwindling march of the penguins is signaling that the world's oceans are in trouble, scientists now say. Ocean pollution, global warming and other factors are affecting the world's penguins, scientists say.