Navajo Nation hosts Native American Church conference

Navajo Nation hosts Native American Church conferenceOnce simple, the practice of American Indian medicine is becoming more complex as medicine men travel around the globe and laws governing use of feathers, herbs and plants become more stringent.
Anyone interested in practices or regulations is invited to attend the 60th annual conference of the Native American Church of North America this weekend in Window Rock, Ariz. >>>

Newt Gingrich conflates Christian with non-pagan

Newt Gingrich conflates Christian with non-paganLast Friday, Newt Gingrich spoke at a church in Virginia, affirming that the U.S. is a Christian nation but is "surrounded by paganism." Citing as proof, he noted California’s ongoing legal struggle to uphold the traditional definition of marriage. Further, Gingrich confused being Christian as synonymous with not being pagan. The "pagan" elements that he deems dangerous: desensitivity to the consequences of abortion, and the spreading acceptance of gay marriage. >>>

Tono: a glorious story of horses and humans

Tono: a glorious story of horses and humansTONO is a ravishingly beautiful dance work, but one that seems slightly disjointed.
Sandra Laronde founded Toronto-based Red Sky Performance in 2000 to be a voice for Aboriginal arts. Her inspiration for TONO is the shared culture of the indigenous peoples of Canada, Mongolia and China's Inner Mongolia.
For both her and Montreal co-choreographer Roger Sinha, the three countries represent the endless plains that were home to the magnificent figure of the horse. Laronde's concept also includes the idea of shamanism, which she sees as the ability to communicate with both nature and the spirit world.

Alternative medicine goes mainstream

Alternative medicine goes mainstreamAt one of the nation's top trauma hospitals, a nurse circles a patient's bed, humming and waving her arms as if shooing evil spirits. Another woman rubs a quartz bowl with a wand, making tunes that mix with the beeping monitors and hissing respirator keeping the man alive.

They are doing Reiki therapy, which claims to heal through invisible energy fields. The anesthesia chief, Dr. Richard Dutton, calls it "mystical mumbo jumbo." Still, he's a fan.

Animal dream series: The Animals are awakening and dusting off their wings

Animal dream series: The Animals are awakening and dusting off their wingsThe animal envoys of the Unseen Power no longer serve, as in primeval times, to teach and guide mankind. Bears, lions, elephants, ibexes, and gazelles are in cages in our zoos. Man is no longer the newcomer in a world of unexplored plains and forests, and our immediate neighbors are not wild beasts but other humans…(n)either in body nor mind do we inhabit the world of those hunting races of Paleolithic millennia…(m)emories of their animal envoys still must sleep somehow, within us;>>>