An artist who's carving out his place in aboriginal folklore Where totem poles, tribal canoes spri

An artist whoWhen you walk into the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, you enter an amazing ancient world of First Nations culture and tradition.

But then suddenly the towering totem poles and tribal canoes bleached by age and the elements come alive, thanks to the strong, sweet smell of the 1,600-year-old, 200-pound slab of red cedar that Nishga'a Nation carver Vince Fairleigh is chipping away at.>>>>

The Shamans of Tuva Carried Out a Master-Class in Eco-Ethnopedagogics

The Shamans of Tuva Carried Out a Master-Class in Eco-EthnopedagogicsThe second day of the Second International Scientific-Practical Conference “Ethnopedagogic heritage of the nations of Siberia and Central Asia”, which started in Tuva on July 9, culminated in the suburbs of Kyzyl by a shamanic kamlanie (ritual), by the healing spring Kundustug (Beavers). The participants of the conference saw the ritual of honoring Fire, performed by shamans of the three shamanic societies, “Dungur”(Drum), “Adig Eeren”(Bear Spirit), and “Tos Deer”(Nine Heavens).>>>>

Mongolian Shamans Cure Modern Ills, for a Price

Mongolian Shamans Cure Modern Ills, for a PriceWaving her cigarette impatiently, the shaman declared that she had just the cure for the man’s misfortunes. Two divorces and a business in the dumps? Yes, yes, she had heard it all before. But first she needed another drink.She watched the man pour out the rest of the bottle’s golden liquid into her bowl and then took a pensive sip. Only then could she administer her instructions, thanks to the fluid’s mystical qualities.

'Lyrical medicine men' "El Vuh" set to perform a benefit show for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (L

Using their songs as a vehicle for expressing personal views on today's environmental, socioeconomic and political climates, El Vuh ('The Book') spreads a message of love and hope regarding the popular Dec. 21st, 2012 Mayan prophecy, feared by some to be the end of the world. To El Vuh, this date is "just the start of a new cycle said to bring forth a new world view". Basing their lyrics on the philosophy of their native Aztec and Mayan ancestry, the trio reminds its listeners that "not only are we all part of the circle of life, but we also have a responsibility to that circle".>>>

Drugmakers Abandon Nature's Pharmacy

Drugmakers Abandon NatureFrom penicillin to Taxol, most new drugs have had their roots in natural products, but scientists worry that the approach is in decline

In the 1992 film Medicine Man, actor Sean Connery stars as a grizzled scientist who discovers a cure for cancer in the Amazon and then struggles to replicate his findings as bulldozers destroy the very forests that harbor it. "What don't you understand?" he wails. "I found the cure for the...plague of the 20th century, and now I've lost it!">>>