Navajo healer promotes alternative medicine

Navajo healer promotes alternative medicineOn Thursday the SCSU American Indian Center and the Nursing Science department collaborated to host Navajo Healer Johnson Dennison.

“The idea was to introduce future nurses to another culture. So we brought Dennison here to talk about the interconnections between western medicine and spirituality,” said Jim Knutson-Kolodzne, the Director of the American Indian Center.>>>

The Horse Boy traces a healing odyssey

The Horse Boy traces a healing odysseyhe Horse Boy, a father-and-son story with a scenic backdrop, follows a Texas couple who take their autistic son on a horseback trip to Outer Mongolia seeking some kind of peace for their child.

The family's journey in search of shamanic healing also is documented in the Rupert Isaacson best-seller of the same name, which features joyful cover art of Isaacson and his son in a triumphant pose on a horse. >>>

3rd international 'culture Olympics' kicks off on S. Korean island

3rd international lad in multifarious costumes, performers from all over the globe gathered on South Korea's Jeju Island Wednesday to show off their artistic traditions during the third International Delphic Games.

Under the theme "Turning into Nature," the event will run from Wednesday through Sept. 15 on this resort island with performers from 54 countries taking part in six artistic categories including music and acoustic art, the performing arts, craft, architecture and social arts, according to the Jeju Delphic Committee.>>>

Korean Shamanism Comes to the Kresge Art Museum

Korean Shamanism Comes to the Kresge Art MuseumKresge Art Museum celebrates Korea with two concurrent exhibitions. Gods, Demons and Generals: Icons of Korean Shamanism, an historical look at Korean culture and Haeri Yoo: Paper Deep, an intensely contemporary installation. The exhibitions are on view at Kresge Art Museum , Michigan State University, through October 18, 2009.>>>

Camp Self-Discovery

Camp Self-DiscoveryUsing indigenous wisdom, elders, ceremony and rites of passage, a week-long retreat aims to give teens greater self-knowledge and confidence before heading back to school.

Some kids finished off their last week of summer vacation toasting s'mores and chain-eating hot dogs.
Joshua Kier met a West African medicine man and went on a quest for his inner warrior.
“I rediscovered something that was lost for a long time,” says the 17-year-old.
“Passion, ideas, creativity. I found it again. It revealed itself.”