Sounds of power

Sounds of powerThis artifact is an important find in that none like it from this time period has ever been uncovered. Bells like these are often found in pairs, suggesting that they were held in each hand, most likely for a traditional ritual. Historians also believe it was used by a powerful figure - a shaman, for instance - who sought power through sound, among other devices.>>>

Egypt announces find of ancient cat goddess temple

Egypt announces find of ancient cat goddess templeCAIRO – Archaeologists have unearthed a 2,000-year-old temple that may have been dedicated to the ancient Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet, the Supreme Council of Antiquities said Tuesday.

The ruins of the Ptolemaic-era temple were discovered by Egyptian archaeologists in the heart of the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great in the 4th century B.C.>>>

When cultures coalesce

When cultures coalesceWhat happens when traditional anthropology is turned on its head? What happens when two extreme cultures come face to face with each other? And, what happens when five men from the remote tribal island of Tanna in the South Pacific, used to wearing nothing more than a ‘namba’ (penis covers made of grass), dress in trousers and jackets, visit extremely different societies in the UK and US to take a closer look at their working class? Well, firstly they feel uncomfortably hot with all those clothes and they also offer insightful critiques on modern society.>>>

hoduraa Tumat’s first solo concert

hoduraa Tumat’s first solo concertChoduraa Tumat was the first woman to break the traditional Tuvan prohibition on throat singing by women, by founding the women’s folk group “TyvaKyzy”. And now she has given a solo concert in front of Moscow audience in the Cultural Center “Dom”.

Tumat founded “TyvaKyzy” and has been the leader of the group for 11 years; she is the solo singer of the group.>>>

3 presidents stand together to launch Haiti relief drive

 3 presidents stand together to launch Haiti relief driveReporting from Washington - Three presidents from opposing parties stood united outside the White House this morning to signal the launch of an aggressive private fundraising drive for the earthquake-stricken nation of Haiti.

"These two leaders send an unmistakable message to the people of Haiti and the world," Obama said of the former presidents flanking him in the Rose Garden. "In a moment of need, the United States stands united.">>>