Torch receives aboriginal blessing on route to Whistler

Torch receives aboriginal blessing on route to WhistlerSQUAMISH, B.C. - One of four First Nations communities that have been given an official role in the Winter Games welcomed the Olympic torch to their traditional territory on Thursday, blessing the "sacred" flame as it entered a region that has been waiting for this moment for nearly a decade.>>>

Two Navajo painters explore their culture from contrasting perspectives

Two Navajo painters explore their culture from contrasting perspectivesOne’s contemporary, one’s traditional. One’s brilliantly colored, the other more subtle. Two very different pictures—both handling the same subject matter—but from two very different men who will display their work together for the first time and present a taste of the yin and yang of Native American art.

The Echo Canyon Art gallery will be featuring the work of Navajo painters David K. John and Charley Singer in their upcoming show “The Way of the People.” It is the first time since opening their doors in 2008 that Echo Canyon Art has had Native American artists prominently displayed.>>>

Self-help guru arrested in Arizona sweat lodge deaths

Self-help guru arrested in Arizona sweat lodge deathsSelf-help guru James Arthur Ray was arrested Wednesday and charged with three counts of manslaughter in connection with an Arizona sweat lodge ceremony that left three people dead in October.

Ray was taken into custody at his attorney's office in Prescott, Ariz., a sheriff's spokesman said, and taken to the Yavapai County jail in Camp Verde. Bond has been set at $5 million. He is to appear in court Thursday.>>>

Tono taps Mongolian culture

Tono taps Mongolian cultureRed Sky Performance’s Anishinabe choreographer and artistic director, Sandra Laronde, long wanted to do a project involving Mongolians. Her First Nations dance company, based in Toronto, has a mandate to connect indigenous cultures from around the world, and Mongolia is rich in living traditions with links throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. The seed for Tono lay dormant, however, until Red Sky toured China three years ago.>>>

Smile Or Die

Smile Or DieIn simpler times, it was a hobby of mine to wander into the self-help section of the local bookshop, gape at the extraordinary titles and observe the customers browsing. Most of them wore the furtive look usually associated with the purchaser of pornographic magazines.

Judging by Ehrenreich's Smile Or Die, willingly subjecting oneself to the cult of positive thinking is a shameful act indeed.>>>