Members of New Consciousness Club Delve into Inner Selves

 Members of New Consciousness Club Delve into Inner SelvesFifteen members of the Consciousness Club gathered in the living room of a senior house, their plates filled high with sautéed spinach, sweet potatoes, and fresh salad with homemade dressing, sipping steaming mugs of spicy hot chocolate and apple cider. The room was void of furniture; instead, a colorful collection of cushions were scattered under a metal pyramid-shaped frame. As the scent of spiced incense filled the air, the bold sound of a gong signaled the start of group meditation.>>>

Spirits in the Sand

Spirits in the Sand

From the air, the lines etched in the floor of the desert were hard to see, like drawings left in the sun too long. As our pilot cut tight turns over a desert plateau in southern Peru, north of the town of Nasca, I could just make out a succession of beautifully crafted figures.

"Orca!" shouted Johny Isla, a Peruvian archaeologist, over the roar of the engine. He pointed down at the form of a killer whale. "ˇMono!" he said moments later, when the famous Nasca monkey came into view. “ˇColibrí!” The hummingbird.>>>

American Indians gather to preserve culture

American Indians gather to preserve cultureAmerican Indian Movement West, one of the leading Native American activist organizations in the United States, did not celebrate President’s Day on Feb. 15. Instead, they gathered with members and supporters around a fire at Ocean Beach to celebrate Liberation Day with ceremony and song.>>>

Quang Cung Palace honours Holy Mother

Quang Cung Palace honours Holy MotherPilgrims flock to Quang Cung Palace to worship the Mother Goddess and to watch the cung van performances that honour the deity, Do Minh Thu enjoys these performances.

The medium keeps dancing as she throws money to the followers that sit around her. The followers, old and young, men and women, rise up to catch the money as it flies through the air because they believe it is lucky money, gifts from the gods. All of them have satisfied smiles on their faces. >>>

Tibetan Medicine Man in Tokyo

Tibetan Medicine Man in TokyoDr. Dorjee Rabten Neshar, Chairman of the Central Council of Tibetan Medicine (CCTM), once referred to as "Medicine Man" in a documentary film done on Tibetan art of healing is here in Tokyo for a week to promote the understanding of Tibetan medicine in Japan. He is accompanied by Dr. Tsering Tsamchoe, Research Director of the Council in Dharamsala. M/s Opensense, a Japanese establishment has invited and has organised series of talks and discussions with the Japanese medical doctors and general public in Tokyo and neighbouring prefectures.>>>