Healing the Nation's Soul

Healing the Nation"I believe your President Obama is a shaman," my teacher's saying, "and that he is trying to perform a soul-retrieval for your nation."

We're sitting on the edge of the cloud forest in the mountains of Veracruz, Mexico, watching the first rays of the sun glance the glacier atop Pico de Orizaba.

Where long memory tolerates modernity

Where long memory tolerates modernityFew places move the spirit the way the Navajo lands do. I keep returning to this landscape of red sandstone, deep canyons, and grassy mesas, and each time I visit, Iím awed by its beauty and humbled by its simplicity. The 27,000-square-mile Navajo Nation spilling into Utah and New Mexico is spectacular country. Within or edging its Arizona borders are seven national monuments, two national parks, a national historic site, a national recreation area, three tribal parks, >>>

Seeking headhunting roots in tribal Taiwan

Seeking headhunting roots in tribal TaiwanWith his thick central Chinese accent, Chen Tangsan could easily be mistaken for any other resident of Henan province, but he is in fact a descendant of Taiwanese headhunters -- and proud of it.

More than 350 years after a distant ancestor left Taiwan and settled deep in China's interior, Chen returned to the island, seeking his roots in the verdant hills which aboriginal tribes still consider their own.

"I've finally found my ancestral home," the 43-year-old told AFP after his first trip to the Tsou tribe near Taiwan's iconic Alishan mountain.>>>

Spiritual adviser brings hope to the lost

Spiritual adviser brings hope to the lostSmoke from the burning sage fills Gary Moostoos's tiny office at Boyle Street Community Services as he smudges with Whitford Skani.

Skani is seeking guidance and healing from the Creator for himself and his extended family because he has recently lost two relatives -- first cousins who were brothers and died within 21 days of each other.

Moostoos will later take Skani's offering of tobacco to a sweatlodge ceremony on the Enoch Reserve where he will say prayers for him and his family again.>>>

New law to extend Indian status to thousands

New law to extend Indian status to thousandsNew law to extend Indian status to thousands
The Conservative government introduced new legislation to amend the Indian Act that, if passed, could recognize an additional 45,000 Canadians as status Indians.

"This addresses the difference in treatment between how descendants of aboriginal women who marry non-aboriginal people are treated differently than aboriginal men. So this is a gender equity issue," said Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl, who introduced the bill in the House of Commons on Thursday.>>>