Nebraska center will focus on Pawnee culture

Nebraska center will focus on Pawnee cultureDANNEBROG - Many of the pieces of art at the Pawnee Arts Building here look like traditional Native American works, maybe artifacts.

At least, that is, until you look closer. On those medicine boxes are gas cans and people in classic cars. There's a painting of Native Americans hunting buffalo - while riding Indian motorcycles.>>>

Celebrate stories of Aboriginal ancestry

Celebrate stories of Aboriginal ancestryON Saturday, Blacktown residents will get the chance to see an incredible performance that celebrates the Darug people.

Accompanied by percussion and guitar, Karen Smith will share and celebrate the stories of her Aboriginal ancestors, their legacy and the place they hold in Australia’s early colonial history and the present. >>>

Ritual Sacrifice Of Children ON THE RISE In Uganda

Ritual Sacrifice Of Children ON THE RISE In UgandaCaroline Aya was playing in front of her house in January when a neighbor put a cloth over her mouth and fled with her.

A couple of days later, the 8-year-old's body was found a short walk away – with her tongue cut out. Police believe she was offered up as a human sacrifice in a ritual killing, thought to bring wealth or health.>>>

Hong Hai, medicine man

Hong Hai, medicine manEVEN though traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) physicians are not allowed to practise Western medicine or prescribe Western medication, people can draw on the wisdom and knowledge of both the Western and TCM systems of medicine to improve their health, said TCM practitioner Hong Hai.

"Both systems have much to offer... We should avail ourselves of the best of both systems for preventative health maintenance," said Professor Hong, who also teaches international business at Nanyang Business School.>>>

Regional experts of Tuva entered more than 120 noteworthy objects into the “Nine Treasures” contest

Regional experts of Tuva entered more than 120 noteworthy objects into the “Nine Treasures” contestMore than 120 noteworthy objects have already been entered into the “Nine Treasures” contest (Tos Ertine). The claims have been entered by schoolchildren, students, regional experts, as well as organizations. The greatest activity has been shown by district professional centers, which have been sending whole volumes with descriptions of the brightest noteworthy objects of the kozhuuns of Tuva. Today, the head of the Office of the chairman of the government, Artur Mongal, announced it in a direct broadcast on the TV channel “Tyva”.>>>