Getting Unhooked from Addictions

Getting Unhooked from AddictionsIn her book, Start Where You Are, Buddhist nun and author Pema Chodron relates how she participated in sweat lodges when she was young: "I would always sit by the flap covering the entrance to the sweat lodge. That way, if things got too intense, I could quickly, easily duck out."

That's an apt metaphor for how addicts live their lives. They sit in the sweat lodge called Life -- often intense, challenging, confronting, emotional, and sometimes uncomfortable.>>>

Aboriginal Experiences longhouse burns down

Aboriginal Experiences longhouse burns downA fire on Ottawa's Victoria Island has destroyed the cherished longhouse of a program that connects tourists with First Nations culture.

"The longhouse isn't just a structure. It has great spiritual connection and value to our people," said Rhonda Doxtator, site manager for Aboriginal Experiences.

The fire broke out Friday night in the wood structure, which was partly constructed from a special bark that took two years to collect.>>>

33 cultural objects repatriated

33 cultural objects repatriatedSealaska Corporation has repatriated 33 cultural objects from a Massachusetts museum on behalf of Tlingit clans in southeast Alaska.

Most of the objects were repatriated on behalf of the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe and title will be officially transferred to them at a future ceremony, said Sealaska Heritage Institute President Rosita Worl, an anthropologist who assisted in the repatriation.

The collection underscores the creativity and talent of our ancestors, Worl said.>>>

Keeping language alive

Keeping language aliveThe department of Education, Culture and Employment hosted the "NWT Aboriginal Languages Symposium (ALS)" last week in Yellowknife. At least 250 delegates representing NWT aboriginal language community workers, language professionals, aboriginal organizations, elders, youth, and government agencies were in attendance.

Having all the knowledgeable people together to brainstorm new ideas to inspire one another is a positive way to ensure there will be traditional language speakers in the future.>>>

Australian schools reintroduce Aboriginal skills

Australian schools reintroduce Aboriginal skillsAustralian police in central Queensland have turned to Aboriginal culture to help solve some modern day problems. They've developed a program which encourages indigenous boys to re-connect with their traditional culture. The program is proving so successful it's now being expanded to other areas.>>>