Hobbema kids ask, 'Do you see me?'

Hobbema kids ask, Images of First Nation outside Edmonton send positive message about community.
Railroad tracks cutting through stark, white snow.

A lodge in the middle of prairie with a brilliant blue sky background.

A colourful "welcome" road sign on the edge of a winter field.

These are some of the pictures that a group of Hobbema students

An ancient cure for recent trauma

An ancient cure for recent traumaThree days a month, a small patch of earth at the Department of Veterans Affairs' Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics becomes sacred ground.

A American Indian ceremony, thousands of years old, is being used to help veterans find a path in their recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. The traditional sweat lodge is offered to inpatients three times a month — two ceremonies for men and one for women — and the ritual, historically used by many native cultures before a great undertaking, is proving to be effective therapy, SORCC officials said.>>>

Law should be amended to recognize Pingpu aborigines: CIP

Law should be amended to recognize Pingpu aborigines: CIPThe law must be revised if the government wants to grant official recognition to Pingpu plain aborigines campaigning for their rights, an official said Monday.

"Under the Aboriginal Identity Act, only aborigines residing in mountain areas can be officially recognized as indigenous tribesmen," said Lin Chiang-yi, deputy minister of the Cabinet-level Council of Indigenous Peoples (CIP).>>>

Ancient Aboriginal rock art sites documented

Ancient Aboriginal rock art sites documentedLast year, archeologist Mike Morwood and rock art specialist June Ross took the ride of their lifetime across the northwest Kimberley (Australia). They hired a helicopter and flew across largely trackless territory, their pilot landing periodically in spots where they believed a good rock art site might lie. The pair's aerial reconnoitre recorded 27 locations in which they documented a total of 54 rock art sites. "It was an absolute revelation," Ross recalls. "What struck us was how many rock art sites there are, and we developed a great admiration for the artists who made them.">>>

Aboriginal women share history of Mt Annan Botanic Garden

Aboriginal women share history of Mt Annan Botanic GardenFOR thousands of years Mt Annan was an ancient meeting place for indigenous elders who would would decide on the laws of land.

Earlier this month Aboriginal women from across the Hawkesbury-Nepean, including author Dr Fran Bodkin, met at Mt Annan Botanic Garden to share their knowledge and stories of the region’s rivers and waterways in an effort to save them. >>>