Brazil: Gunmen threaten to assassinate leading Amazon shaman

Brazil: Gunmen threaten to assassinate leading Amazon shamanDavi Kopenawa, shaman and internationally renowned spokesman for the Yanomami tribe in Brazilís Amazon rainforest, has demanded urgent police protection following a series of death threats by armed thugs reportedly hired by goldminers operating illegally on Yanomami land.

Hot in Mexico: Sweating it out in a Mayan Temazcal steam bath

Hot in Mexico: Sweating it out in a Mayan Temazcal steam bath(CNN) -- Aarti Aziz and her husband Moosa are locked inside a pitch-black concrete dugout in Mexico, sweating in unbearable heat.
With them is a shaman who has been chanting ceaselessly for the past two hours as strange vapors swirl around them.
It may sound like a harrowing ordeal, but it's one the couple volunteered for.

A mixture of faith and medicine

A mixture of faith and medicineWhen 18-year-old Gopinathan (name changed) of Varichiyur underwent a behavioural change owing to his addiction to cannabis a couple of years ago, his parents took him to a priest who told them that their child was possessed by an evil spirit which can only be purged at a faith healing centre in Tiruchi. Without any delay, the boy was taken to the centre where he was tonsured and branded with hot iron on his head.

4 Leadership Lessons From Native America

4 Leadership Lessons From Native AmericaIt was the summer of 2005 and I was lost. The investors in my game technology company had hired a new CEO. Iíd poured everything into the John Kerry for President campaign and came up with a loss. The consolation prize was a state government appointment to director of technology-based economic development in Charleston, a 5-hour drive from my home.

Shaman's Herbal Hallucinogen a Fatal Lure for New Age Tourists

ShamanThe mother of a man who drowned while using a shamanic hallucinogenic drug has filed a lawsuit against the New Age spiritual retreat where the incident occurred. Garth Dickson, according to his mother, was under the influence of an herbal mixture known as ayahuasca (pronounced eye-uh-WAH-skuh) when he walked into Shasta Lake and drowned in 2012 while at a retreat called the White Flame Institute, according to a lawsuit filed last week in Las Vegas, Nevada.