Cabinet approves draft Aboriginal Autonomy Act

Cabinet approves draft Aboriginal Autonomy ActThe Executive Yuan on Thursday approved a draft Aboriginal Autonomy Act that would allow aborigines to establish independent governments in autonomous regions either on their own or in collaboration with neighboring indigenous communities, a Cabinet spokesman said.

Program offers healing to ‘Forgotten Soldiers’

Program offers healing to ‘Forgotten Soldiers’A program that will soon be celebrating its first anniversary offers local veterans a chance to repair their bodies, minds and souls.
The Forgotten Soldier Program is offered through the Healing Light Institute on Fortune Court in Auburn.
Founder Donna Arz, who runs the Healing Light Institute, said the program helps veterans continue their lives after they come home.

Naked Men Get in Touch With What Matters Most: Susan Antilla

Naked Men Get in Touch With What Matters Most: Susan AntillaHey guys, if the boss told you to pack up for a weekend seminar of treats like getting naked with a bunch of other men, passing around a wooden phallus, and working toward a more “mature sense of masculinity,” you’d get with the program, wouldn’t you?

You know, spilling your guts about those childhood traumas and then storming into the sweat lodge with your new pals, agreeing along the way to a lifelong pledge to keep it all secret from the outside world? Kind of like the way it works at the office for some of you.

481 - Strange Lapps and Their Magical Drumming Maps

481 - Strange Lapps and Their Magical Drumming MapsWhen the wise men of Europe’s Far North want to see beyond the merely visible, they bang their noid drums (1) until the rhythm and concomitant incantations prise open the creaky doors of perception.

The skin that forms the membrane of their drums is decorated with cryptic symbols that constitute a symbolic landscape. On this mental map is placed a piece of bone, which dances across the membrane as the shaman bangs the drum’s frame. It is his job to translate the bone’s erratic hopscotchery across this magical universe into meaningful comments on events past, present and future.

American Indian church sues feds over peyote use

American Indian church sues feds over peyote useAn American Indian church is suing state and federal police and prosecutors over the right of its members to use peyote in religious ceremonies, even if they aren’t of Indian ancestry.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in Utah’s U.S. District Court on behalf of the Oklevueha Native American Church. It contends that federal laws that protect peyote use by American Indians should apply to anyone who belongs to the church.