A guide to the door of the underworld

A guide to the door of the underworldOTTAWA — At 84, Sheila Wright was sick, bereft, and tired of life. She’d lost her brother and husband, and she could no longer ski, skate, or play tennis; a heartbreaker for a woman who had won a mixed open doubles tournament just four years earlier.

Hmong community mourns revered cultural leader Vang Pao

Hmong community mourns revered cultural leader Vang PaoNao Shoua Xiong started to cry as he watched an online news report Friday about Gen. Vang Pao's death.
Xiong, 54, of Wausau is a strong man. He fought in a war. He has been uprooted from his home. He lived in a refugee camp. He started over in America. He's a Hmong shaman and statewide clan leader who has shown courage in speaking out against wrongs such as domestic abuse.

Sudan: Transcending tribe

Sudan: Transcending tribe"Between tribes there can only be war. And through war, the memory of war, and the potentiality of war, the relations between tribes are defined and expressed." - - E.E. Evans-Pritchard, British anthropologist of the Sudan

In the summer of 2010, the southern Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) torched and looted one of the oldest living kingdoms in Africa.

Searching for the Soul to Cleanse It

Searching for the Soul to Cleanse ItA new year, a new opportunity to cleanse the soul and start afresh. Isn’t that what everyone says? Around this time of year, people can get consumed with ambitious resolutions, new gym memberships and spiritual purification. It’s never been my experience, though. I’m not sure where my soul resides, but wherever it is, it’s probably a terrible mess.

Drumming Against Hate at Giffords’s Office

Drumming Against Hate at Giffords’s OfficeTUCSON — By 2 p.m. about 40 people had gathered in front of Representative Gabrielle Giffords’ district office at the intersection of North Swan and East Pima Streets, many holding hand-printed signs, others with hands raised toward the traffic, fingers making peace signs..