'World's first astronomers' Aborigines created a sundial 10,000yrs ago

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A new find from Australia has suggested that ancient Aboriginal tribes were the world's first astronomers.

Scientists at Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Canberra discovered a pile of old rocks laid out in a particular manner to map the progress of the sun - to create a primitive form of sundial.

Incredible pictures of Indonesia's Bajau water tribe

Incredible pictures of IndonesiaWelcome to the wonderful world of Indonesia’s Bajau people, known as the Sea Nomads because they spend their entire lives in and on the water.
The best swimmers among the 75,000-strong tribe can remain for several minutes 20 metres below the surface on just one breath.

Son of the Soil 2011 was a great success

Son of the Soil 2011 was a great successImagine a gathering of all your childhood friends and playing with them those innocent games you used to relish before the innocence was lost, dance to those songs from way back with long forgotten moves; prepare and eat that traditional cuisine that made you such a strong person; perform those chores you used to love or hate; and wearing beautiful traditional outfits in celebration of your culture - such a gathering was at Bahurutshe Cultural Village in Mankgodi at the annual Son of the Soil cultural event last weekend.

Jesus the Healer

Jesus the HealerFor many, Gabrielle Giffords' recovery from an assassin's bullet has been nothing short of miraculous. Her case highlights how healing involves the spirit as much as medicine. For too long the role of the spirit in healing has been denigrated as nothing but a "placebo effect." But recent studies suggest that placebo healing is real, and understanding it may shed light on how healers of the ancient past, such as Jesus, had such powerful positive effects on those around them.

Herbs consumption on the rise

Herbs consumption on the riseSince access to quality healthcare delivery seems elusive in Nigeria, many are running to herbal medicine practitioners, who cashed in on the opportunity to promote and popularise their trade.
In Lagos State, for instance, herbal medicine men boldly come out en masse from the cocoons of their simple ‘clinics’ to gain street limelight promoting many products, which have gained new heights in patronage by people of different ages, gender, education and income levels.